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Connecticut Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Connecticut

More than 274,000 businesses operate within the state of Connecticut, many of which need a surety bond to receive an operational license or renew an existing one. There are a total of 57 unique bond types needed for state-regulated licenses, and an additional 217 bonds at the city or county level.

BondExchange provides surety bond services to Connecticut agents across the state, from Hartford and Norwalk to New Haven, Danbury, and beyond.

Our platform provides instant bond quotes from more than 30 different markets, making it easy for agents to find the best prices on any of the 274 different types of surety bonds in Connecticut. Our team of surety experts supplement BondExchange’s technology, providing friendly advice and fast service.

Popular Surety Bonds in Connecticut

BondExchange provides complete, comprehensive access to every surety bond that the state of Connecticut, and its specific municipalities, require for businesses. Agents can use our comprehensive platform to source the surety bonds required by clients, provide instant online quotes to those clients, and offer online solutions with zero investment in technology. It’s all just a few clicks away through the BondExchange platform. Here are just a few of the types of surety bonds Connecticut businesses may need:

Tax Bonds

The Connecticut Department of Revenue requires several businesses to provide a bond in order to operate in the state. These include cigarette distributors, alcohol manufacturers, non-resident contractors, and fuel distributors.

Motor Vehicle Dealer, Registration and Repairer Bonds

Motor vehicle dealers, body shops, registration issuers, and repair service providers all require specific licensing and surety bonds in Connecticut. The bond amounts depend based on the type of license needed, but most auto dealers need a $50,000 bond.

Financial Services Bonds

Providing financial services in Connecticut can require taking out surety bonds. Acting as a debt adjuster or negotiator, mortgage broker or lender, or money transmission licensee all require separate surety bonds in The Constitution State.

Pawnbroking License Bonds

Businesses who wish to operate as a pawnbroker or a secondhand dealer need to be bonded with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

Private Education Bonds

Providing private education in Connecticut requires surety bonds. There are separate bond requirements for not just private occupational schools but also private specialty schools for driver training as well.

Highway and Encroachment Permit Bonds

The Department of Transportation requires contractors and trucking companies that may disrupt traffic or damage public highways to protect the public. For trucking companies, these are known as oversize/overweight bonds. For contractors performing work in the right of way, the DOT requires a permit bond, or what’s called a major traffic generator bond for larger projects.

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If you’re an agent currently working in the state of Connecticut, sign up with BondExchange to gain access to all of our Connecticut surety bonds. To view a complete list of all the surety bonds in Connecticut, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Alcoholic Beverage Distributor
Automobile Club Association ($10,000.00)
Aviation Fuel Dealer
Cigarette Distributor ($5,000.00)
Concession Lease Agreement
Consumer Collection Agency ($25,000.00)
Debt Adjuster ($40,000.00)
Debt Adjuster
Debt Negotiator (Debt Negotiator and Exempt Registrant Sponsor of Mortgage Loan Originators)
Debt Negotiator (Unsecured Debt) ($50,000.00)
Driver Training School
Driving History Records
Employment Agency ($7,500.00)
Fund Raising Counsel or Paid Solicitor ($20,000.00)
Games of Chance
Heating Fuels Distributor
Highway Permit
Homemaker Companion Agency ($1,000.00)
Land Lease Agreement
Lottery Sales Agent
Major Traffic Generator (MTG)
Medical Discount Plan
Money Transmission Licensee
Money Transmission Licensee ($300,000.00)
Money Transmission Licensee ($500,000.00)
Money Transmission Licensee ($1,000,000.00)
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Correspondent Lender
Mortgage Lender
Mortgage Servicer
Motor Carrier Refund
Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title
Motor Vehicle Dealer ($50,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Dealer Forfeiture
Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor
Motor Vehicle Fuels Exporter
Motor Vehicle Leasing or Rental Company ($10,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Registration Issuance
Motor Vehicle Repairer/Limited Repairer ($5,000.00)
Nonresident Contractor (Single Job AU-964)
Nonresident Contractor Verification (Blanket AU-961)
Oversize/Overweight Permit ($2,000.00)
Pawnbroker’s License
Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)
Private Detective and/or Security Service License ($10,000.00)
Private Occupational School
Professional Conservator Probate ($50,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Secondhand Dealer’s License ($10,000.00)
Special Fuel Distributor
Supplemental Special Surety – Motor Vehicle Dealer ($250,000.00)
Supplemental Special Surety – Motor Vehicle Repairer ($25,000.00)
Tax-Paid Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor
Third Party Administrator
Unemployment Compensation
Waste Hauling

Ansonia – City Excavation
Ansonia – City Sewer Contractor
Avon – Township Right-of-Way Permit
Beacon Falls – Township Excavation
Beacon Falls – Township License/Permit
Berlin – Township Work in Public Right of Way
Bethlehem – Township License/Permit
Bloomfield – Township License/Permit
Bloomfield – Township Work in Public Right of Way ($2,000.00)
Bolton – Township Work in Public Right of Way
Branford – City Excavation and Paving
Bridgeport – City Curb and Sidewalk ($20,000.00)
Bridgeport – City Public Improvements
Bridgeport – City Street Excavating License ($20,000.00)
Bridgeport – City Waste Hauler
Bridgeport – City Water Pollution Control
Bristol – City Curb, Sidewalk & Driveway Permit
Bristol – City Excavation Contractor’s Permit
Brookfield – Township Driveway Permit
Brookfield – Township Sewer Permit
Burlington – Township Sewer ($5,000.00)
Chaplin – Township Site Improvement
Cheshire – Township Drain Layer
Cheshire – Township Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
Cheshire – Township Street Excavation ($3,000.00)
Colchester – Township Excavation Permit
Colchester – Township Road Maintenance
Connecticut Light and Power Company Utility Deposit
Coventry – Township Drain Layer
Cromwell – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Danbury – City Excavation Permit
Danbury – City Intinerant Vendor ($1,000.00)
Darien – Township Building Sewer Connection Permit ($3,000.00)
Darien – Township Master Electrician
Darien – Township Master Plumber
Darien – Township Master Steamfitter
Darien – Township Street Excavation Permit ($3,000.00)
Derby – City License/Permit
East Granby – Township License/Permit
East Hampton – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
East Hartford – Township Certificate of Occupancy Permit
East Hartford – Township Drain Layer ($10,000.00)
East Hartford – Township Driveway, Curb & Walk Layer’s ($10,000.00)
East Haven – Township Highway Excavation
East Lyme – Township License/Permit
Easton – Township Excavation
East Windsor – Township Drain Layer / Excavator ($5,000.00)
Ellington – Township Demolition Performance ($6,000.00)
Ellington – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Ellington – Township Highway Right of Way Permit
Ellington – Township License/Permit
Enfield – Township Drain Layer ($2,000.00)
Enfield – Township Excavation Permit ($10,000.00)
Enfield – Township License/Permit
Enfield – Township Site Improvement
Essex – Township Driveway Permit
Fairfield – Township Drain Layer ($10,000.00)
Fairfield – Township Excavator ($10,000.00)
Fairfield – Township Excavator ($1,000.00)
Farmington – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Farmington – Township Highway Right of Way Work ($5,000.00)
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Glastonbury – Township Right of Way and Drain Laying ($5,000.00)
Goshen – Township Highway Right of Way Permit
Granby – Township Drain Layer
Groton – Township Driveway or Street Excavation Permit
Groton – Township Refuse Disposal
Hamden – Township Sanitary Sewer Contractor ($10,000.00)
Hamden – Township Sidewalk Contractor
Hamden – Township Street Excavation
Hartford – City Display of Fireworks
Hartford – City Sidewalk & Curb Performance and Payment ($10,000.00)
Hartford – City Street Excavation Performance and Payment ($10,000.00)
Harwinton – Township Excavation
Hebron – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Hebron – Township License/Permit
IBEW Bridgeport And Vicinity Wage and Welfare ($10,000.00)
IBEW Local Union 90 Wage and Welfare
IBEW Local Union No 468 Wage and Welfare
IBEW Local Union No 488 Wage and Welfare
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Killingly – Township Demolition
Killingly – Township Right-of-Way
Killingworth – Township Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
Killingworth – Township Removal of Earth Products
Killingworth – Township Resubdivision
Killingworth – Township Subdivision
Killingworth – Township Timber Cutting Site Plan
La Crosse – City Scavenger / Waste Hauler ($5,000.00)
Lebanon – Township License/Permit
Lebanon – Township Site Improvement
Litchfield – Township License/Permit
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
Manchester – Township Highway Permit ($10,000.00)
Mansfield – Township Highway Permit ($2,000.00)
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Meriden – City Contractor’s License/Permit ($4,000.00)
Meriden – City Drain Layer – P-1 License ($4,000.00)
Meriden – City Drain Layer – P-7 License ($4,000.00)
Meriden – City Itinerant Vendor ($3,000.00)
Meriden – City Right of Way
Metropolitan District Contractor ($10,000.00)
Middlebury – Township Sewer Permit
Middletown – City Electrical Contractor ($1,000.00)
Middletown – City Street Excavation Permit
Milford – City License/Permit ($10,000.00)
Monroe – Township Fireworks Permit
Monroe – Township Street Opening Permit
Montville – Township Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
Montville – Township Excavation Permit ($10,000.00)
Morris – Township Driveway Permit
Naugatuck – Borough Excavation Permit ($500.00)
Naugatuck – Borough Street Opening
New Britain – City Curb & Walk and/or Excavation ($5,000.00)
New Britain – City License/Permit
New Canaan – Township Continuing Job Excavation
New Canaan – Township Single Job Excavation ($10,000.00)
New Haven – City Excavation: Drain Layer
New Haven – City Excavation: Sidwalks, Curbs or Gutters
New Haven – City License/Permit
Newington – Township Drain Layer, Street Excavation, Driveway, Curb and Walk Layer ($10,000.00)
New London – City Excavation
New Milford – Township Driveway Permit
New Milford – Township Right-of-Way
New Milford – Township Sewer
Newtown – Township Sand and Gravel Construction Permit
North Canaan – Township Driveway Permit
North Haven – Township Building Contractor
North Haven – Township Highway Excavation ($5,000.00)
North Haven – Township Master Plumber
North Haven – Township Sanitary Sewer Contractor ($20,000.00)
North Haven – Township Subdivision and Roads Site Plans
North Stonington – Township Refuse Disposal
Norwalk – City Highway Openings or Encroachment Permit
Norwalk – City Sign Erector ($1,000.00)
Norwalk – City Site Improvement
Norwalk – City Solid Waste Hauler
Norwich Public Utilities Utility Deposit
Old Saybrook – Township Street Excavation
Orange – Township Street Excavation ($10,000.00)
Oxford – Township Street Opening
Plainville – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Plainville – Township Driveway and Sidewalk Installer
Plainville – Township Street Opening Permit
Plymouth – Township Drain Layer and Contractor
Plymouth – Township Driveway ($2,000.00)
Plymouth – Township Excavating ($5,000.00)
Point O’Woods Water Pollution Control Authority Drain Layer ($7,500.00)
Pomfret – Township Driveway Permit
Portland – Township Drain Layer & Street Excavation ($5,000.00)
Preston – Township Driveway Permit
Putnam – Township Road Opening Permit ($3,000.00)
Redding – Township License/Permit
Ridgefield – Township Paving and Road Maintenance
Ridgefield – Township Street Opening
Rocky Hill – Township Public Right of Way Permit ($10,000.00)
Rocky Hill – Township Site Improvement
Seymour – Township Sanitary Sewer Connection ($10,000.00)
Sharon – Township Road Opening
Shelton – City Demolition Contractor
Shelton – City Erosion Control
Shelton – City Itinerant Vendor ($1,000.00)
Shelton – City Street Opening
Simsbury – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Simsbury – Township Highway Permit
Southbury – Township Driveway Permit
Southbury – Township Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
Southbury – Township Highway Permit
Southington – Township Excavation
South Windsor – Township Drain Layer or Excavation ($5,000.00)
Sprague – Township Driveway Permit
Sprinkler Fitters Local Union 676 Wage and Welfare
Stamford – City Environmental Protection Permit
Stamford – City Septic Tank Installation
Stamford – City Solid Waste Disposal
Stamford – City Street Opening and/or Excavation
Sterling – Township Permit
Stratford – Township Highway Excavation and Maintenance License
Suffield – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Thomaston – Township Itinerant Vendor
Thomaston – Township License/Permit
Torrington – City Right of Way Permit
Trumbull – Township Sanitary Sewer Connection ($5,000.00)
Trumbull – Township Street Excavating License ($10,000.00)
Union – Township Driveway Permit
Vernon – Township Highway Permit ($10,000.00)
Vernon – Township License/Permit
Voluntown – Township Driveway Permit
Wallingford Electric Utility Deposit
Wallingford – Township Excavation Contractor
Wallingford – Township Sewer Construction Permit ($5,000.00)
Waterbury – City Concessionaire
Waterbury – City Driveway Permit
Waterbury – City License/Permit
Waterbury – City Street Opening and/or Excavation
Waterford – Township Excavation Permit
Waterford – Township License/Permit
Watertown – Township Excavation Performance ($3,000.00)
West Hartford – Town Curb and Walk Layer ($10,000.00)
West Hartford – Town Drain Layer ($10,000.00)
West Hartford – Town Street Excavator ($10,000.00)
West Haven – City Street Opening and/or Excavation
Weston – Township Driveway Permit
Westport – Township Drain Layer ($1,000.00)
Westport – Township Sanitary Sewer Connection and/or Road Opening Permit ($10,000.00)
Wethersfield – Township Street Excavation, Drain Layer, Curb and Walk Layer ($10,000.00)
Wilton – Township Road Opening Permit
Winchester – Township Excavation Permit
Windham – Township License/Permit
Windsor Locks – Township Drain Layer/Excavator
Windsor – Township Disposal of Refuse ($3,000.00)
Windsor – Township Excavating – Curb and Walk Layer ($10,000.00)
Windsor – Township Excavating – Drain Layer ($10,000.00)
Windsor – Township Excavating – General Contractor ($10,000.00)
Windsor – Township Excavating – Street Excavator ($10,000.00)
Wolcott – Township Sewer Performance/Maintenance
Yankee Gas Services Company Utility Deposit

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