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Georgia Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Georgia

Georgia is home to more than 626,000 businesses, many of which need surety bonds for permits, licenses, and construction contracts. The Peach State has 103 unique types of bonds that its state government requires of licensed businesses, while there are another 180 bonds that different local cities and counties throughout the state may also require for any business operating within certain geographical limits.

BondExchange features hundreds of Georgia agents from every corner of the state, from Atlanta and Augusta to Savannah, and beyond. All of these agents leverage our network to source surety bonds for their many clients.

With access to more than 30 different markets, BondExchange helps agents find any of the 283 different surety bonds needed for Georgia businesses. We offer fast and easy-to-use technology along with expert advice that makes surety bonds a profitable endeavor for all insurance agents.

Georgia Surety Coverage with BondExchange

BondExchange provides comprehensive and complete access to every surety bond that the state of Georgia and its local municipalities may require from local businesses. Agents can utilize our platform to locate the exact surety bonds that their clients need, instantly provide those clients with quotes online, and then complete those applications and bond purchases with a few clicks. This quick and easy process takes just a few steps from beginning to end. Below are just a few of the different types of surety bonds that you may need to quote for Georgia business clients.

Lottery Retailer Bonds

Convenience stores that sell lottery tickets in Georgia must file a bond with the Georgia Lottery Corporation (“GLC”) to become a vendor in the state. The bond amount is determined by the GLC based on the size of the contract entered into between the vendor and the GLC.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

Under Georgia law, businesses need to secure a surety bond if they want to operate a used motor vehicle dealership or a used motor vehicle parts dealer. These bonds, which are issued for the benefit of the state’s Board of Registration Used Motor Vehicle Division, can range in value from $10,000 for the parts dealer to $35,000 for the auto dealer.

Financial Services Bonds

Providing financial services in Georgia often means taking out a surety bond. Whether operating as an appraisal management company, collection agency, insurance broker, insurance counselor, or securities dealer, your clients will require a surety bond to operate legally.

Alcoholic Beverage Bonds

The sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in Georgia often requires companies to be bonded. There are brewpub license bonds, distilled spirits representative bonds, tax bonds for liquor brokers, manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers, retailer bonds for selling wine and malt beverages, and bonds for wine wholesalers and manufacturers.

City or County Surety Bonds

A number of cities and counties in Georgia require companies doing business in their jurisdiction to hold specific surety bonds. Examples include erosion and soil settlement control contractors in Kennesaw, pawnbrokers in Savannah, and electricians in Valdosta.

Miscellaneous Business Bonds

A number of unrelated businesses in Georgia require surety bond coverage. They include small firearm sales, scrap tire carriers, agricultural product dealers, and septic tank contractors.

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If you’re an agent in Georgia, sign up with BondExchange to gain full access to all of the surety bonds we offer. For a complete list of all surety bonds covered in Georgia, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Appraisal Management Company ($20,000.00)
Athlete Agent ($10,000.00)
Auctioneers and Apprentice Auctioneers ($5,000.00)
Auctioneers and Apprentice Auctioneers ($20,000.00)
Bait Dealer Forfeiture ($2,000.00)
Beauty Pageant Operator ($10,000.00)
Boxing Promoter’s License ($10,000.00)
Brewpub License Performance and Tax Liability ($20,000.00)
Buying Service or Club Membership ($25,000.00)
Cemetery Merchandise Dealer ($10,000.00)
Cemetery Merchandise Dealer ($25,000.00)
Cigar, Cigarette, Loose and Smokeless Tobacco Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor License
Collection Agent ($35,000.00)
Commercial Driver Training School ($10,000.00)
Commercial Fisherman Forfeiture
Commercial Third Party Tester ($10,000.00)
Dealer in Agricultural Products
Distilled Spirits: Resident Representative ($10,000.00)
Driver Improvement Clinic ($10,000.00)
Driver Training School ($10,000.00)
DUI, Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program ($10,000.00)
DUI, Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program
Electronic Consumer Products or Home Warranty ($100,000.00)
Employee Leasing Company
Employer’s Reimbursement in Lieu of Contributions
Environmental Drillers or Contractors ($10,000.00)
General Contractor ($25,000.00)
General Contractor Limited ($25,000.00)
Grain Dealer
Health Spa Account
Ignition Interlock Provider Center ($10,000.00)
Immigration Assistance Provider ($5,000.00)
Insurance Broker ($2,500.00)
Insurance Counselor ($5,000.00)
Insurance Premium Finance Company ($25,000.00)
Itinerant Vendor
Landlord and Tenant Security Deposit
Liquor Broker Tax ($2,500.00)
Liquor Importer Tax
Liquor Manufacturer Distillery Tax
Liquor Wholesalers Tax ($5,000.00)
Livestock Dealer, Broker and/or Packer
Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Fund
Lottery Retailer Contract Payment and Performance
Malt Beverage Importer Performance and Tax Liability ($5,000.00)
Match Event Permit ($10,000.00)
Mortgage Broker/Lender
Mortgage Loan Originator
Motor Carrier Fuel Tax
Motor Carriers C.O.D. ($2,000.00)
Motor Carriers C.O.D. ($5,000.00)
Motor Fuel Distributor
Motor Fuel Distributor Excluding Gasoline
Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title
Nonpublic Postsecondary Educational Institute
Nonresident Contractor’s Performance Tax
Non-Resident Insurance Agent ($500.00)
Nonresident Subcontractor Sales and Use Tax
Non-Resident Trapper Forfeiture ($2,500.00)
Paid Solicitor ($10,000.00)
Performance of Closure and/or Post-Closure Care
Pesticide Contractor
Pharmacy Benefits Manager ($100,000.00)
Private Child Support Collector ($50,000.00)
Private Detective/Security Agency ($25,000.00)
Private Tag Agent ($50,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Proprietary School
Public Adjuster ($5,000.00)
Registered Producers License Tax Liability – Distilled Spirits ($10,000.00)
Registered Serviceman or Service Agency of Weighing and Measuring Devices ($1,000.00)
Resident Fur Dealer Forfeiture ($5,000.00)
Residential Basic ($25,000.00)
Residential Light Commercial ($25,000.00)
Retailer’s Malt Beverage ($500.00)
Retailer’s Wine ($500.00)
Retailers and Consumption on Premises Liquor License ($2,500.00)
Right-of-Way Permit Performance
Sale of Payment Instruments or Money Transmission
Sale of Small Firearms ($1,000.00)
Salvage & Assembled Vehicle Inspector ($50,000.00)
Scrap Tire Carrier
Securities Dealer ($25,000.00)
Securities Issuer ($25,000.00)
Securities Salesman ($2,500.00)
Septic Tank Contractor
Special License Plate Sponsor ($50,000.00)
Subcontractor Sales and Use Tax
Surface Mining
Surplus Lines Broker ($50,000.00)
Tag Service Company ($50,000.00)
Third Party Administrator
Tobacco Distributors Tax Stamp
Transient Merchant
Used Motor Vehicle Dealers ($35,000.00)
Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer ($10,000.00)
Water Well Contractors Performance ($30,000.00)
Water Well Drillers Performance ($15,000.00)
Water Well Pump Installers ($20,000.00)
Winery Manufacturer Broker Importer Tax ($5,000.00)
Wine Wholesalers Performance and Tax Liability ($5,000.00)

Acworth – City Land Development Performance
Adel – City Pawnbroker
Albany – City Utility Deposit
Alpharetta – City Landscaping Maintenance
American Electric Power Utility Deposit
Any Union Wage and Welfare
Athens – City Utility Deposit
Athens-Clarke – County Building Relocation
Atlanta – City Contractor’s License/Permit
Atlanta – City Erosion Control Performance
Atlanta – City Right of Way Performance and Completion
Atlanta Gas Light Company Utility Deposit
Augusta – City Landscape Establishment
Augusta – City Secondhand Dealer / Pawnbroker
Augusta-Richmond – County Burglar Alarm Installer ($1,000.00)
Augusta-Richmond – County Demolition Contractor ($1,000.00)
Augusta-Richmond – County Dry Cleaner
Augusta-Richmond – County Electrical Wiring and Electrical Work ($1,000.00)
Augusta-Richmond – County General Contracting, Plumbing, Electrical or Gas Fitting ($20,000.00)
Augusta-Richmond – County General Contracting, Plumbing, Electrical or Gas Fitting
Augusta-Richmond – County Heating and Air Conditioning Work ($1,000.00)
Augusta-Richmond – County License/Permit
Augusta-Richmond – County Sign Contractor ($5,000.00)
Augusta-Richmond – County Transient Merchant
Automotive Resources International Dealer Direct Consignment Agreement
Baldwin – County Install or Repair Septic Tanks and/or Grease Traps ($3,000.00)
Bartow – County Erosion and Sedimentation Control Measures
Bibb – County Erosion and Sedimentation Control and Road Improvements Performance
Braselton – City Peddler ($1,000.00)
Byron – City Liquor License ($1,000.00)
Cairo – City Gas Fitter ($1,000.00)
Cairo – City License/Permit
Cairo – City Pawnbroker
Cairo – City Utility Deposit
Calhoun – City Utility Deposit
Camilla – City License/Permit
Canton – City Landscape Establishment
Carpenters Local Union No. 225 Wage and Welfare ($10,000.00)
Central Georgia EMC Utility Deposit
Central Georgia EMC Utility Services Infrastructure Agreement
Clayton – City Liquor License: Retailers and Consumption on Premises ($5,000.00)
Clayton – County Contractor Code Compliance ($10,000.00)
Clayton – County Pawn Shop
Cobb – County Landscape Maintenance
Cobb – County NO LONGER REQUIRED – Contractor Code Compliance ($10,000.00)
Cobb – County Stormwater Management Performance
Cobb – County Utility Accomodation Performance
Cobb County Water System Utility Deposit
Cobb Electric Membership Corporation Utility Deposit
College Park – City Site Plan Performance
College Park – City Transient Vendor ($1,000.00)
College Park – City Utility Deposit
Columbia – County Commercial Builder ($20,000.00)
Columbia – County License/Permit
Cordele – City Building Contractor ($5,000.00)
Cordele – City Building Mover ($5,000.00)
Cordele – City Master Electrician ($5,000.00)
Cordele – City Master Plumber ($5,000.00)
Cordele – City Mechanical ($5,000.00)
Covington – City Tree Maintenance
Coweta-Fayette Electric Membership Corporation Utility Deposit
Dalton – City Utility Deposit
Diverse Power Inc Utility Deposit
Doraville – City Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance/Performance
Dougherty – County Sewage Installation or Repair
Douglasville – City Contractor’s Code Compliance
Douglasville-Douglas County Water & Sewer Authority Soil and Erosion Control Measures Performance
Duluth – City Retailer of Spiritous Liquor, Beer and Wine ($1,000.00)
Duluth – City Retailer of Spiritous Liquor, Beer and Wine on the Premises ($5,000.00)
East Point – City General Contractors ($25,000.00)
East Point – City License/Permit
East Point – City Pawnbroker
East Point – City Tradesmen ($10,000.00)
Fayetteville – City Small Loan Company ($2,000.00)
Fitzgerald Water, Light & Bond Commission Utility Deposit
Forsyth – City Alcohol Beverage (Liquor-Package) ($7,000.00)
Forsyth – City Alcohol Beverage (Liquor-Pouring) ($5,000.00)
Forsyth – City Alcohol Beverage (Malt Beverages-Retailer-Package) ($1,000.00)
Forsyth – City Alcohol Beverage (Malt Beverages-Retailer-Pouring) ($1,000.00)
Forsyth – City Alcohol Beverage (Wine-Package) ($1,000.00)
Forsyth – County Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Fulton – County Maintenance
Fulton – County Small Loan Company ($5,000.00)
Fulton – County Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Performance ($10,000.00)
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Georgia Power Company Utility Deposit
Gordon – County Salvage Yard Restoration ($1,000.00)
GreyStone Power Corporation Utility Deposit
Grovetown – City License/Permit
Gwinnett – County Contractor’s Building Code Compliance ($25,000.00)
Gwinnett – County On-Site Sewage Management Systems Contractor
Gwinnett – County Septage Removal Contractor ($5,000.00)
Gwinnett – County Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance/Performance
Gwinnett – County Subdivision Maintenance/Performance
Hall – County Mobile Home Set Up Contractor ($10,000.00)
Hall – County Septic Tank Contractor ($10,000.00)
Hancock – County Septic Installer/Repairer ($10,000.00)
Harlem – City License/Permit
Henry – County Land Development
Houston – County Beer and Wine Retail Sales ($750.00)
Houston – County Intall or Repair Septic Tanks and/or Grease Traps ($10,000.00)
IBEW Local Union 613 Wage and Welfare
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Jackson – County Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Jackson Electric Membership Corporation Utility Deposit
Jasper – County Intall or Repair Septic Tanks and/or Grease Traps ($10,000.00)
Jefferson Energy Cooperative Utility Deposit
Johns Creek – City Massage Establishment and/or Spa License ($15,000.00)
Jones – County Septic/Sewer Installer ($10,000.00)
Kennesaw – City Contractor’s Code Compliance ($10,000.00)
Kennesaw – City Erosion and Sediment Control
Kingsland – City Utility Deposit
Lake City – City Itinerant Vendor
Lincoln – County License/Permit ($1,000.00)
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
Lumpkin – County Towing or Hauling Long and Wide Loads Permit ($5,000.00)
Macon-Bibb – County Retailer’s Malt Beverage and/or Wine ($500.00)
Macon-Bibb – County Wholesale and/or Retail Liquor ($1,000.00)
Macon – City Plumbing ($25,000.00)
Macon – City Street and Sidewalk Permit ($25,000.00)
Macon – City Transient Vendor ($5,000.00)
Madison – City Beer and Wine Retail Sales
Madison – City Distilled Spirits – Consumption on Premises
Madison – County Timber Harvesting ($5,000.00)
Manchester – City Retailers and Consumption on Premises Beer & Malt Beverage License ($2,000.00)
Marietta Board of Lights and Water Utility Deposit
McDuffie – County License/Permit
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Milton – City Land Disturbing Activity
Milton – City Landscaping Performance
Monroe – County Intall or Repair Septic Tanks and/or Grease Traps ($10,000.00)
Monroe – County Retailer’s Malt Beverage ($1,000.00)
Monroe – County Retailer of Wine ($1,000.00)
Newton – County License/Permit
Oconee – County Solid Waste Hauler License
Oglethorpe – City Sale of Wine, Malt Beverages and Distilled Spirits ($2,000.00)
Paulding – County Contractor’s Code Compliance ($10,000.00)
Pike – County Logger/Pulpwooder Temporary Facility Encroachment
Pike – County Logging and/or Pulpwood Operations ($2,500.00)
Powder Springs – City Contractor Code Compliance ($25,000.00)
Putnam – County Contractor’s License ($25,000.00)
Putnam – County Retail Malt Beverage and/or Wine License ($300.00)
Roswell – City Landscape Maintenance
Savannah – City Detective/Alarm Company ($1,000.00)
Savannah – City Escorts and Escort Services ($5,000.00)
Savannah – City License/Permit ($2,000.00)
Savannah – City Pawnbroker ($3,000.00)
Savannah – City Precious Metals Dealer or Pawnbroker/Precious Metals Dealer ($10,000.00)
Savannah Electric and Power Company Utility Deposit
Smyrna – City Contractor Code Compliance ($15,000.00)
Snapping Shoals Electric Membership Company Utility Deposit
Social Circle – City Retail Malt Beverage and/or Wine License ($500.00)
Social Circle – City Wholesale Malt Beverage and/or Wine License ($2,500.00)
Statesboro – City License or Permit
Thomas – County Building Contractors ($1,000.00)
Thomas – County Electrical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Thomas – County Heating and Air Contractor ($5,000.00)
Thomas – County Plumbing Contractor ($5,000.00)
Thomasville – City License/Permit ($1,000.00)
Thomasville – City Pawnbroker ($25,000.00)
Thomasville – City Utility Deposit
Thomson – City License/Permit ($1,000.00)
Tidewater Neighborhood Association, Inc DBA Emerald Pointe Home Owner’s Association Compliance
Tifton – City License/Permit
Toccoa – City Retailers & Consumption on Premises Liquour ($5,000.00)
Toombs – County Right of Way
Twiggs – County Manufactured Home Installer ($5,000.00)
Twiggs – County Septic Tank/Grease Trap Installer or Repairer
Valdosta – City Auto Sprinkler Contractor ($2,000.00)
Valdosta – City Electrician ($2,000.00)
Valdosta – City Low Voltage Contractor ($2,000.00)
Valdosta – City Mechanical Contractor ($2,000.00)
Valdosta – City Plumber ($2,000.00)
Walker – County Timber Harvesting Operations ($20,000.00)
Walton Electric Membership Corporation Utility Deposit
Washington – County Septic Tank/Grease Trap Installer or Repairer ($3,000.00)
Waynesboro – City License/Permit ($1,000.00)
West Point – City Alcoholic Beverages License ($500.00)
White – County Septic Tank/Grease Trap Installer or Repairer ($10,000.00)
Wilkinson – County On-Site Sewage Management Systems Installer/Repairer ($10,000.00)

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