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Oklahoma Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Oklahoma

There are more than 257,000 businesses that operate in the state of Oklahoma. The Sooner State requires many of these businesses to purchase surety bonds before they can operate in the state. In fact, Oklahoma state government agencies require 102 unique bond types, while local cities or counties mandate another 84 surety bond types.

BondExchange is an excellent resource for agents looking for surety bonds in Oklahoma from Tulsa to OKC to the panhandle and beyond. Our expansive and easy-to-use platform helps agents source any bonds their clients may need.

With access to more than 30 different specialized surety markets, our network facilitates the shopping necessary to find the best rate for your clients through a single point-of-entry. We pair this technology with our expert underwriters available to guide agents through the process.

Oklahoma Surety Bonds with BondExchange

BondExchange provides complete and comprehensive access to every surety bond that the state of Oklahoma, and its specific cities and counties, require businesses to secure. Agents can utilize our platform to source the surety bonds needed by their clients, provide those clients instant online quotes, and offer them the quickest and most streamlined path to completing the bond application and purchase. Below are some of the most common types of surety bonds in Oklahoma

Contractor Licensing

Oklahoma requires a number of different surety bonds from contractors. Activities requiring bonds include certified septic tank installation, mechanical contracting, and plumbing work, among others.

Motor Vehicle Licensing

In Oklahoma, there are a number of motor vehicle-related surety bond requirements. Wholesale motor vehicle dealers and used vehicle dealers, rebuilders, and crushers all need surety bonds to operate.

Financial Services Bonds

Many different financial services occupations require bonding in the Sooner State. Mortgage lenders, those engaged in bank or trust company fiduciary activities, those running credit service organizations, and money transmitters all need surety bonds in Oklahoma.

Manufactured Home Bonds

Manufactured home dealers and manufacturers need bonding under Oklahoma state law in the amount of $30,000.

Fish and Wildlife Bonds

Many of Oklahoma’s businesses utilize the state’s natural resources and require bonding to protect the environment and wildlife. There are bond requirements for commercial fishing and mussel dealing, commercial shad dipping, and commercial turtle buying.

City or County Bonds

There are many different surety bonds required by cities or counties in Oklahoma. Some of these include working as an auctioneer in Oklahoma City or acting as a city peddler in Muskogee or Stillwater.

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If you’re an agent currently working in the state of Oklahoma, sign up with BondExchange to gain access to all of our Oklahoma surety bonds. If you want a complete list of all surety bonds covered in Oklahoma, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Abstractor (Title Agent)
Alcoholic Beverage Tax
Armed Security Guard or Private Investigator ($10,000.00)
Athlete Agent ($50,000.00)
Bank or Trust Company Fiduciary Activities ($50,000.00)
Bank or Trust Company Fiduciary Activities ($250,000.00)
Bank or Trust Company Fiduciary Activities ($400,000.00)
Bank or Trust Company Fiduciary Activities ($500,000.00)
Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Wrestling Events ($5,000.00)
Burial Association Treasurer
Cigarette Stamp AND Unstamped Tobacco Products Tax ($25,000.00)
Cigarette Stamp Tax ($25,000.00)
Commercial Fishing ($1,000.00)
Commercial Mussel Dealer ($5,000.00)
Commercial Shad Dippers ($1,000.00)
Commercial Telephone Seller ($10,000.00)
Commercial Turtle Buyer ($1,000.00)
Consumer Litigation Funder ($50,000.00)
Cosmetology School
Credit Services Organization ($10,000.00)
Discount Medical Plan Organization
Drill and/or Operate Oil and Gas Well
Electrical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Gasoline/Diesel Fuel or Blending Material Excise Tax (BT-170)
Gross Production Tax: Producer (BT-158)
Gross Production Tax: Purchaser (BT-158)
Gross Production Tax: Reclaimer (BT-158)
Gross Production Tax: Refiner (BT-158)
Gross Production Tax: Transporter (BT-158)
Health Spa Registration ($40,000.00)
Health Spa Registration ($50,000.00)
Health Spa Registration ($60,000.00)
Health Spa Registration ($70,000.00)
Health Spa Registration ($30,000.00)
Home Service Contract Provider
Insurance Consultant
Interstate Commercial Minnow Dealer ($1,000.00)
License Sales Agent: Hunting/Fishing
Life or Accident & Health Insurance Broker ($5,000.00)
Life Settlement Provider ($100,000.00)
Livestock Community Sale ($5,000.00)
Long Term Care Facility Residents Fund
Low Point Beverage Tax
Manufactured Home Dealer ($30,000.00)
Manufactured Home Manufacturer ($30,000.00)
Mechanical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Mining Lands Reclamation Act
Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax
Money Transmission and Sale of Checks ($500,000.00)
Money Transmitter
Mortgage Lender License ($100,000.00)
Motor Fuel Tax (BT-168)
Motor License Agent
Motor Service Club ($100,000.00)
Non-Resident Agent’s License
Nonresident Contractor
Notary Public ($1,000.00)
Oil and Gas/Salt Water/Tank Battery Lease Performance ($10,000.00)
Oil and Gas Driller Surface Damage Indemnity
Other Contractors ($5,000.00)
Pawnshop License ($5,000.00)
Pharmacy Benefits Manager
Plumbing Contractor ($5,000.00)
Pollution Abatement and Site Restoration Commercial Soil Farming
Polygraph Examiner ($5,000.00)
Precious Metal and Gem Dealer ($10,000.00)
Prepaid Cemetery Merchandise Contracts
Prepaid Funeral Services and/or Merchandise (Fidelity)
Private Employment Agency
Private School
Professional Employer Organization ($50,000.00)
Professional Fund Raiser ($2,500.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Public Adjuster ($25,000.00)
Public Commodity Warehouseman
Reinsurance Intermediary Manager
Sale of Checks
Sales Tax
Self-Insurer of Workers’ Compensation
Septic Tank Certified Installer ($10,000.00)
Service Warranty Associations
Size and Weight Permit ($5,000.00)
Size and Weight Permit
Soil Profiler ($10,000.00)
Special Fuel Use Excise Tax (BT-161)
Supervised Lender License
Surplus Lines Broker
Third Party Administrator
Transient Merchant License ($2,000.00)
Unarmed Security Guard or Private Investigator ($5,000.00)
Unstamped Tobacco Tax ($25,000.00)
Used Motor Vehicle Crusher ($25,000.00)
Used Motor Vehicle Dealer ($15,000.00)
Used Motor Vehicle Dealer ($25,000.00)
Used Motor Vehicle Dealer ($50,000.00)
Used Motor Vehicle Rebuilder ($15,000.00)
Used Motor Vehicle Salesperson ($1,000.00)
Viatical Settlement Broker ($50,000.00)
Viatical Settlement Provider ($50,000.00)
Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealer ($25,000.00)
Wire Service Agreement: Temporary Permit Transmitter

Anadarko – City General Contractor License ($5,000.00)
Any Union Wage and Welfare
Ardmore – City License/Permit
Bartlesville – City Driveway, Sidewalk, Street Contractor ($1,000.00)
Bartlesville – City Sign Installation ($2,000.00)
Cushing – City Peddler ($2,000.00)
Del City – City Fallout or Storm Shelter Contractor ($2,000.00)
Del City – City Fence Contractor ($1,000.00)
Del City- City Peddling, Soliciting, and Canvassing ($1,000.00)
Del City – City Plumbing, Mechanical or Electrical Contracting
Del City – City Sign Contractor ($5,000.00)
Del City – City Street Cuts, Construction, or Alternation of Driveways ($5,000.00)
Edmond – City License/Permit ($1,000.00)
El Reno – City Peddler ($1,000.00)
Enid – City Arborist Contractor ($50,000.00)
Enid – City Building Contractor ($10,000.00)
Enid – City Demolition Contractor ($10,000.00)
Enid – City House Mover ($5,000.00)
Enid – City Sign Contractor ($10,000.00)
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Lawton – City Fishing and Hunting License Agent – Lake Ellsworth
Lawton – City Fishing and Hunting License Agent – Lake Lawtonka
Lawton – City License/Permit ($2,500.00)
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
McAlester – City License/Permit
McAlester – City Peddler
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Midwest City – City Concrete and Paving Occupation ($10,000.00)
Moore – City Itinerant Vendor ($500.00)
Moore – City License/Permit
Muskogee – City Auctioneer ($5,000.00)
Muskogee – City Peddler
Nichols Hills – City License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Nichols Hills – City Solicitor ($500.00)
Norman – City Sign Contractor ($2,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Auctioneer ($1,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Boiler Contractor ($2,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Electrical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Employment Agency ($1,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Fence Contractor ($1,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City House Mover ($3,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Insulation Contractor ($5,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Pawnbroker ($1,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Peddler
Oklahoma City – City Plumbing Contractor Right of Way Water Service ($10,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Precious Metals and Gem Dealers ($10,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Sidewalk Contractor ($2,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Sign Contractor ($5,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Small Sewage Treatment Systems Installation, Repair and/or Extension ($1,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Used Trailer/Used Auto/Salvage/Parts Dealer ($1,000.00)
Oklahoma City – City Utility Deposit
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company Utility Deposit
Oklahoma Natural Gas Company Utility Deposit
Ponca City – City License/Permit
Shawnee – City License/Permit
Shawnee – City Peddler ($2,000.00)
Shawnee – City Sign Hanger ($2,000.00)
Shawnee – City Tree Sprayer ($1,000.00)
Shawnee – City Tree Trimmer ($1,000.00)
Star Fuel of Oklahoma LLC Fuel Supply Payment
Stillwater – City Itinerant Vendor
Stillwater – City License/Permit
Stillwater – City Transient Merchant
The Village – City License/Permit
The Village – City Sign Contractor ($5,000.00)
Tulsa – City Auctioneer ($3,000.00)
Tulsa – City Automatic Fire Suppression / Automatic Sprinkler ($2,500.00)
Tulsa – City Demolition ($5,000.00)
Tulsa – City Electrical Sign Contractor ($5,000.00)
Tulsa – City House Mover ($10,000.00)
Tulsa – City Mobile Home Removal ($500.00)
Tulsa – City Right-of-Way Arterial ($250,000.00)
Tulsa – City Right-of-Way Non-Arterial ($100,000.00)
Tulsa – City Septic Tank Installer ($2,000.00)
Tulsa – City Sidewalk and Driveway Contractor ($5,000.00)
Tulsa – City Sign and Outdoor Advertiser ($2,000.00)
Tulsa – City Temporary Use of Streets During Construction ($5,000.00)
Tulsa – City Utility Deposit
Tulsa – City Water Service Installation ($10,000.00)
Tulsa – County House Mover ($2,500.00)
Tulsa – County Septic Tank Installer Performance and Payment ($2,000.00)
Tulsa – County Sign Contractor ($2,000.00)
Warr Acres – City Pawnshop License ($1,000.00)

Why Partner with BondExchange for Oklahoma Surety Bonds?

BondExchange provides agents with a simple and fast way to handle any and all Oklahoma Surety Bonds for business clients. Our technology platform is designed for efficiency with quotes from over 30 surety markets done instantly online. We understand that most insurance agents do not focus on surety, so we make the process fast, profitable, and easy to understand.

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Our easy-to-use agent tools facilitate bond quote, delivery, and issuance in an online environment. Agents, or their customers, can complete our online application thanks to our step-by-step approach using language that anyone can understand. Quotes are delivered instantly and can be purchased with unique monthly payment options, making the process as painless as possible.

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BondExchange has been working exclusively with insurance agents for more than 40 years, giving us unique insight into what agents want from a surety bond provider. We know not every agent specializes in surety, but you can rely on our expertise to guide you through the process. Feel confident that BondExchange will make your clients happy while saving you time and increasing profitability.

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Hundreds of Oklahoma agents use BondExchange as their single point of entry for the surety bonds their clients need. With access to bonds and rates from more than 30 different carriers, BondExchange makes it easy to shop the entire market with a single online application. You can service your clients both professionally and profitably with ease through our unique and valuable platform.

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