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South Carolina Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in South Carolina

More than 297,000 businesses operate within the borders of South Carolina. A number of these businesses need surety bonds for licenses, permits, and construction contracts. The Palmetto State has a total of 62 different and unique bond types the state government requires of licensed businesses, while local cities or counties require another 42 specific surety bonds.

BondExchange features hundreds of South Carolina agents from every corner of the Palmetto State, from Charleston to Augusta and beyond. All of these agents leverage our network, using our unique platform to source surety bonds for the needs of their clients.

With access to more than 30 different markets, BondExchange helps agents find any of the 104 different types of surety bonds that South Carolina state and local governments require from businesses. Thanks to our unique perspective from four decades of experience, we make it easier than ever for agents to source the surety bonds their clients need by leveraging our platform’s easy to use step-by-step process.

South Carolina Surety Coverage with BondExchange

BondExchange provides complete and comprehensive access to every surety bond that the state of South Carolina and its local municipalities may require from a business. Agents use our platform to locate the correct surety bonds their clients need, provide those clients with online instant quotes, and then facilitate the completion of the bond application and purchase process in a convenient online environment. Below are some of the different types of surety bonds that you may need to quote for your South Carolina business clients.

Mortgage Loan Services

The State of South Carolina Board of Financial Institutions requires both mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders to purchase surety bonds called special deposits before mortgage lending services to the public within the Palmetto State.

Motor Vehicle Sales

Under South Carolina law, motor vehicles dealers and wholesalers are required to file a bond of $30,000 with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Businesses that operate wholesale-only auto auctions or that are travel trailer and motorcycle dealers may file a smaller $15,000 surety bond.

Financial Services Bonds

Financial service providers in South Carolina often need to take out surety bonds. This goes for broker-dealers, insurance brokers, and investment advisers.

Modular and Manufactured Home Bonds

South Carolina regulates the sale, installation, manufacturing, and repair of modular and manufactured homes, requiring related businesses to buy surety bonds in amounts up to $75,000.

Residential Contractor Bonds

On a statewide level, there are surety bond requirements for registered and licensed residential contractors and residential builders. Specialty contractors include trades like plumbers, electricians, and HVAC experts. Also, many counties and municipalities have requirements for local contractors doing work within their borders.

Insurance Broker Bonds

Insurance agents acting in the capacity of a broker must file a $10,000 insurance broker bond with the South Carolina Department of Insurance. BondExchange offers streamlined underwriting for BondExchange enrolled agents.

Other Business Bonds

A number of unrelated businesses in South Carolina require surety bond coverage. They include private investigator agencies, contract security agencies, well drillers, and retail pistol sales dealers.

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If you’re an agent in South Carolina, sign up with BondExchange to gain full access to all of the surety bonds we offer. For a complete list of all surety bonds covered in South Carolina, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Auto Insurers Plan Certified Individual Producer ($10,000.00)
Auto Insurers Plan Certified Producer Position Schedule ($10,000.00)
Bingo Revenue
Bingo Revenue ($10,000.00)
Broker Dealer ($35,000.00)
Broker Dealer ($50,000.00)
Closure and/or Post-Closure Care of Solid Waste
Commercial Driver Training School ($10,000.00)
Contract Security Agency ($10,000.00)
Cosmetology School ($10,000.00)
Credit Counseling Organization
Dealers and Handlers of Agricultural Products
Discount Medical Plan Organization Special Deposit ($50,000.00)
Employment Agency ($3,000.00)
Hunting and Fishing License Sales Agent
Instructional Materials
Insurance Administrator ($75,000.00)
Insurance Broker ($10,000.00)
Investment Adviser ($50,000.00)
Investment Adviser ($35,000.00)
Licensed Residential Specialty Contractor (HVAC, Plumber, or Electrician) ($10,000.00)
Manufactured Home Contractor ($5,000.00)
Manufactured Home Installer ($5,000.00)
Manufactured Home Manufacturer ($75,000.00)
Manufactured Home Multi-Lot Salesperson ($15,000.00)
Manufactured Home Repairer ($5,000.00)
Manufactured Home Retail Dealer ($30,000.00)
Manufactured Home Salesperson ($15,000.00)
Modular Building Manufacturer ($75,000.00)
Modular Building Manufacturer’s Representative ($10,000.00)
Mortgage Broker Special Deposit
Mortgage Lender Special Deposit
Motor Club Special Deposit ($50,000.00)
Motor Fuel User Fee
Motor Vehicle Dealer and Wholesaler ($30,000.00)
Movement of Oversized Mobile Homes
Nonpublic Postsecondary Institution
Nursing Facility Residents Surety
Pawnbroker Special Deposit ($15,000.00)
Physical Fitness Center Special Deposit
Polygraph Examiner ($5,000.00)
Premium Service Company ($50,000.00)
Preneed Funeral Contracts
Private Investigation Agency ($10,000.00)
Professional Employer Organization Special Deposit
Professional Solicitors ($15,000.00)
Promoter for a Boxing Event or Exhibition ($10,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Public Official
Registered Residential Specialty Contractor ($5,000.00)
Residential Builder/Certificate of Authority ($15,000.00)
Retail Pistol Dealer License ($10,000.00)
Sales Tax
SCDOT Permit Performance
State Tobacco Tax
Underground Storage Tank
Vegetation Management Performance and Indemnity
Waste Tire Haulers Financial Assurance ($10,000.00)
Well Driller ($25,000.00)
Wholesale Auto Auction, Travel Trailer and/or Motorcycle Dealers ($15,000.00)
Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurer

Aiken Electric Cooperative Inc Utility Deposit
Anderson – County License/Permit ($10,000.00)
Any Union Wage and Welfare
Berkeley County Refuse Collector ($2,000.00)
Berkeley Electric Cooperative Utility Deposit
Blythewood – Township License/Permit
Camden – City License/Permit
Cayce – City License/Permit ($2,000.00)
Charleston – County Contractor’s License ($5,000.00)
Charleston – County Contractor’s License ($10,000.00)
City of Orangeburg, Department of Public Utilities Utility Deposit
Columbia – City License/Permit
Darlington – City License/Permit
Dillon – City License/Permit
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC Utility Deposit
Duke Energy Progress LLC Utility Deposit
Easley Combined Utility System Utility Deposit
East Richland – County Plumber
Florence – City License/Permit
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Greenville – County License/Permit
Greenville – County Right of Way
Greenwood – City Utility Deposit
Horry – County Pawnbroker
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Lancaster – City General Repair Contractor ($5,000.00)
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
Marion – City License/Permit ($5,000.00)
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Myrtle Beach – City License/Permit
North Augusta – City Contractor’s License ($1,000.00)
Orangeburg – City License/Permit
Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc Utility Deposit
PSNC Energy Utility Deposit
Rock Hill – City House Mover and Demolition ($5,000.00)
Rock Hill – City Utility Deposit
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) Utility Deposit
South Carolina Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper) Utility Deposit
Spartanburg – City License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Spartanburg – County Excavation Permit ($5,000.00)
Surfside Beach – Township License/Permit
West Columbia – City License/Permit

Why Partner with BondExchange for South Carolina Surety Bonds?

BondExchange has worked with insurance agents for over 40 years, building a technology platform designed to make agents more efficient. We know that most insurance agents do not focus on surety, so we’ve done our best to make the process simple and fast without compromising quality and low-cost to your clients.

Simplifying the Bond Process with Straightforward ToolsSimplifying the Bond Process with Straightforward Tools

We’ve simplified the surety bond process by providing agents with easy-to-use tools to quickly quote bonds, methods for delivering those quotes, and online checkout options for end-customers. Our online application, easily completed by either agents or their clients, walks the user step-by-step through the entire process using plain English. Quote generation is instantaneous, as our platform takes just seconds to shop over 30 markets, offering bond purchases online with zero paperwork.

Offering Our Agents a Customized, Expert Level of Service

Our agents always come first here at BondExchange. We feature your name and brand prominently, making it easy to grow your professional image and reinforce your expertise with clients. Our knowledgeable staff are available by chat on our website, by email, or by phone — you’ll always get a real underwriter on the other end of the line when you give us a call. Whatever your chosen communication method, you can be confident that our friendly experts are standing by to answer your questions.

Single Entry-Point Solution Keeps Processes Simple

As the single source for surety bonds to South Carolina agents, BondExchange provides access to hundreds of different types of bonds and rates from over 30 different carriers. BondExchange saves you time by shopping the entire market with an instant online application, ensuring profitability and presenting you as a surety bond professional to the client.

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