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Washington Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Washington

Washington is home to more than half a million businesses, many of which need surety bonds before The Evergreen State will allow them to take out a new occupational license or renew an existing one. There are 81 unique statewide bond types and an additional 62 local city- or county-specific surety bonds that Washington requires of its businesses.

BondExchange is the preferred surety bond provider for insurance agents across the country. Our surety bond platform is not only expansive with over 10,000 surety bond requirements in our database but also easy-to-use with tools built to make agents more efficient.

Our network of more than 30 different markets combined with rating technology makes it easy to find and quote pretty much any type of surety bond, including the 143 different types of surety bonds that Washington requires of its businesses. Our expert underwriters provide friendly help and can answer even the most difficult surety bond questions.

Popular Surety Bonds in Washington

BondExchange provides its agents with complete, comprehensive access to every surety bond in the country, including all bonds needed in Washington State.Below are some of the most common types of surety bonds for Washington businesses:

Contractor License Bonds

Like most Pacific states, Washington requires contractors to take out surety bonds before commencing work within the state. General contractors need a $12,000 bond, while specialty contractors (i.e. electrical, HVAC, carpentry) must purchase a $6,000 surety bond.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

Washington auto dealers need a bond to operate. Most dealers, including used, franchise, and wholesale dealers must post a $30,000 motor vehicle dealer bond before receiving their dealer tags.

Financial Services Bonds

Many different financial services occupations require bonding in The Evergreen State. Collection agencies, consumer loan businesses, investment advisors, and mortgage broker businesses all need to be bonded before opening their doors in Washington.

Fire Sprinkler System Bonds

Companies specializing in the installation of several types of fire safety equipment in Washington are required to take out surety bonds. For example, there are no less than five different bonds needed for fire sprinkler system installation and maintenance, depending on the type of systems installed by the contractor.

Vice Tax Bonds

A number of states require so-called “vice” businesses to collect and remit taxes and fees to the state. In Washington, these businesses must post a surety bond to ensure the state receives payment. Examples include cigarette wholesalers, lottery ticket retailers, and domestic wineries.

Maritime Bonds

With much of Washington’s productivity stemming from its Pacific Northwest shoreline, it’s only natural that there are several maritime-related bonds that are required of businesses. These include aquatic land lease bonds, fish dealers performance bonds, seller of travel bonds, vessel dealer bonds, and more.

City or County Bonds

There are many cities and counties within Washington that require specific surety bonds. The city of Seattle, for example, has no less than six bond subtypes, all of which are related to public works, street and shore use, and real estate sales.

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If you’re an agent currently working in the state of Washington, sign up with BondExchange to gain access to all of our Washington surety bonds. If you want a complete list of all the surety bonds covered in Washington, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Agricultural Products Dealer
Aircraft Dealer ($25,000.00)
Aircraft Fuel Tax
Aircraft Fuel Tax ($5,000.00)
Appraisal Management Company (Corporation) ($100,000.00)
Appraisal Management Company (Partnership) ($100,000.00)
Appraisal Management Company (Sole Proprietor) ($100,000.00)
Aquatic Land Lease
Auctioneer or Auction Company (Corporation)
Auctioneer or Auction Company (LLC)
Auctioneer or Auction Company (Partnership)
Auctioneer or Auction Company (Sole Proprietor)
Bail Bond Agency (Corporation) ($10,000.00)
Bail Bond Agency (Partnership) ($10,000.00)
Bail Bond Agency (Sole Proprietor) ($10,000.00)
Barber School
Blanket Bond for Franchises and Permits ($10,000.00)
Collection Agency ($5,000.00)
Commercial Driver License (CDL) Third Party Tester
Commercial Fundraiser ($25,000.00)
Commission Merchant
Consumer Loan Business
Contractor License: General ($12,000.00)
Contractor License: Specialty ($6,000.00)
Cosmetology School
Degree-Granting Institutions
Discount Plan Organization
Domestic Winery License
Electrical/Telecommunications Contractor ($4,000.00)
Employment Agency ($2,000.00)
Escrow Agent Business ($10,000.00)
Esthetician School
Farm Labor Contractor
Fish Dealers Performance
Franchisor ($100,000.00)
Grain Dealer / Warehouseman
Hair Design School
Hearing Instrument Establishment
Individual Bond for Franchises and Permits
Insurance Broker
Investment Adviser
Level 1 Fire Sprinkler System Contractor ($6,000.00)
Level 2 Fire Sprinkler System Contractor ($6,000.00)
Level 3 Fire Sprinkler System Contractor ($10,000.00)
Lottery Retailer ($3,500.00)
Manicurist School
Master Esthetician School
Money Services Business
Mortgage Broker Business
Mortgage Broker Business with Independent Contractors
Motor and Special Fuel Tax ($5,000.00)
Motor and Special Fuel Tax
Motor Vehicle Dealer ($30,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Manufacturer ($30,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Ownership
Motor Vehicle Wrecker ($1,000.00)
Notary Public ($10,000.00)
Nursing Facility Resident’s Fund
Private Investigative Agency ($10,000.00)
Professional Boxing, Martial Arts, Wrestling and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Promoter
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Public Adjuster ($5,000.00)
Recreational License Dealer
Registered Tow Truck Operator ($5,000.00)
Registered Waste Tire Carrier ($10,000.00)
Resold Interstate Interexchange Telecommunications Service
Right of Way Individual Agreement
Scrap Metal Processor ($10,000.00)
Scrap Metal Recycler ($10,000.00)
Self-Insurer’s Existing Liabilities
Self-Insurer’s Pension
Seller of Travel ($10,000.00)
Seller of Travel ($20,000.00)
Seller of Travel ($30,000.00)
Seller of Travel ($40,000.00)
Seller of Travel ($50,000.00)
Specialized Level I&T Fire Sprinkler System Contractor ($6,000.00)
Specialized Luvel U Fire Sprinker System Contractor ($10,000.00)
Structural Pest Inspector ($12,500.00)
Structural Pest Inspector ($25,000.00)
Surface Mining Reclamation (Form SM-1)
Surplus Lines Broker
Surplus Lines Broker ($2,500.00)
Title Insurance Agent ($10,000.00)
Vessel Dealer ($5,000.00)
Weighmaster ($1,000.00)
Wholesale Cigarette Dealer ($5,000.00)
Wholesale Cigarette Dealer – Deferred Purchase
Wholesale Cigarette Dealer – Unstamped Cigarette

Bainbridge Island – City Restoration Performance
Bellevue – City Storm Drainage Performance and Guarantee
Cheney – City Right of Way Permit
Clallam – County Certified Pumper ($4,000.00)
Clark – County Electrical Contractor Performance ($5,000.00)
Clark – County Septic System Pumper
Ellensburg – City Work in City Right of Way
Ephrata – City Street and Utility Construction Permit
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
IBEW Local Union 46 Health & Welfare, Vacation Pension Funds & JATC Fund Assessments ($5,000.00)
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Island – County Commercial Installer and/or Maintenance Service Provider ($30,000.00)
Island – County Septic Tank Pumper ($2,000.00)
Kennewick – City Permit and Maintenance
Kennewick – City Utility and Street Construction
King – County Solid Waste Disposal Fees
Kitsap – County Use of Street Indemnity
Lake Whatcom – District Sewer Services Contractor ($10,000.00)
Lakewood – City Peddler/Solicitor
Lakewood – City Street Excavation and Obstruction ($5,000.00)
Longview – City Secondhand Dealer ($1,000.00)
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Milton – City Side Sewer Contractor ($5,000.00)
Milton – City Solicitor ($1,500.00)
Moses Lake – City Street and Utility Construction
Olympia – City Street Excavation and Obstruction ($10,000.00)
Oregon SW Washington Trust Funds IBEW Local Union 48 Wage and Welfare
Pierce – County Solicitor/Peddler ($1,000.00)
Pierce – County Solicitor/Peddler ($2,000.00)
Pierce – County Street Obstruction
Puyallup – City Street Obstruction ($5,000.00)
Redmond – City Short Plats and Small Projects Performance
Redmond – City Side Sewer Contractor Performance
Richland – City Weatherwise Payment ($10,000.00)
Richland – City Weatherwise Performance ($10,000.00)
Ronald Wastewater District Right of Way Continuous Performance ($5,000.00)
San Juan – County Pumper Performance ($1,000.00)
San Juan – County Street Obstruction ($5,000.00)
Seattle – City Public Place Improvement
Seattle – City Public Place Ordinance
Seattle – City Public Place Shoring/Excavation
Seattle – City Residential Sellers License
Seattle – City Side Sewer Contractor Registration ($30,000.00)
Seattle – City Street Use and Occupation ($10,000.00)
Snohomish – County Credit for the Use of Solid Waste Facilities
Snohomish – County Drainage and Right-of-Way Utility Performance
Snohomish – County Erosion Control Performance
Snohomish – County Right-of-Way Utility Performance
Spokane – City Right of Way
Spokane – City Right of Way – Annual Bond ($10,000.00)
Spokane – City Right of Way – No Cutting ($5,000.00)
Spokane – City Right of Way – Street Cutting ($10,000.00)
Spokane – County Street Obstruction
Tacoma – City Right of Way ($15,000.00)
University Place – City Street Use ($5,000.00)
Vancouver – City Street Excavation
Walla Walla – County Road Obstruction
Whatcom – County On-Site Sewage System Operation and Maintenance ($2,000.00)
Whatcom – County On-Site Sewage System Pumper ($2,000.00)
Yakima – City Excavation
Yakima – City Work in City Right of Way

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