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Virginia Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Virginia

The birthplace of George Washington is home to nearly 550,000 businesses, presenting Virginia agents with many opportunities to help their clients obtain surety bonds, a required insurance product for many to open and maintain a business. The Commonwealth of Virginia has 85 unique bond types required by state agencies, and another 175 bond types required by local municipalities.

BondExchange’s technology platform provides Virginia agents with access to over 10,000 different bonds, including the 260 surety bonds required of Virginia businesses.

Hundreds of agents in Virginia use BondExchange to produce thousands of quotes every month for their clients, finding the best rates instantly from over 30 different bond markets.

BondExchange Surety Coverage in Virginia

BondExchange streamlines every aspect of the bond process by providing agents with a single point of entry to quote all of their customers’ bonds. Let us do the shopping for you with our proprietary algorithm that shops the market, generates instant quotes, and allows your customer to purchase the bond instantly on a branded agency website. Below are some popular bonds in Virginia.

Contractor License Bonds

Class A and Class B contractors in Virginia must provide proof of financial responsibility, which means that contractors must document net worth of at least $45,000 for Class A contractors or $15,000 for Class B contractors. In lieu of providing this documentation, contractors can purchase a $50,000 contractors surety bond to coincide with the 2-year license period.

Federal Government Bonds

Some agencies of the federal government accept or require bonds for certain businesses, including medicare/medicaid suppliers and providers, property and freight brokers, and liquor, beer, and wine manufacturers.

Passenger Carrier and Passenger Broker Bonds

Passenger carriers and brokers in Virginia must be licensed to operate and must furnish a $25,000 surety bond or letter of credit for the first three years of licensure.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

All motor vehicle dealers are required to purchase a $50,000 bond prior to opening for business, while motorcycle and trailer dealers must purchase a $25,000 bond in order to operate. Dealers must maintain the bond for three consecutive years without a claim to maintain good standing.

Dishonesty Bonds

Dishonesty bonds protect employers whose employees routinely perform work on a client’s premises. These bonds may protect against employee-related theft or damage.

Other Common Virginia Bonds

Other common bond types in Virginia include lottery retailer bonds, driver training school bonds, mortgage lender or broker bonds, and utility deposit bonds.

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If you’re a Virginia agent, partnering with BondExchange allows you to access our entire database of surety bonds, including all unique bond types for Virginia businesses. Click the box below to see a full list of Virginia surety bonds.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Appraisal Management Company ($100,000.00)
Attorney Settlement Agent – Individual ($200,000.00)
Attorney Settlement Agent – Law Firm ($200,000.00)
Auction Firm
Automobile Club ($30,000.00)
Broker for the Transportation of Property ($25,000.00)
Cadaver (Use of Cadavers for the Promotion of Medical Science)
Certificate of Title
Class A Driver Training School ($100,000.00)
Class B Driver Training School ($5,000.00)
Common Interest Community Board (Bond to Insure Payment of Assesments)
Contractor License ($50,000.00)
Credit Services Business
Dealer in Agricultural Products
Debt Management Service (Pursuant to 6.2-2003 of the Code of Virginia) ($25,000.00)
Distillery Store
Extended Service Contract Provider
Fuels Tax: Aviation Consumer
Fuels Tax: Blender
Fuels Tax: Bonded Importer
Fuels Tax: Bulk User of Alternative Fuel
Fuels Tax: Distributor
Fuels Tax: Fuel Alcohol Provider
Fuels Tax: Occasional Importer
Fuels Tax: Provider of Alternative Fuel
Fuels Tax: Refiner
Fuels Tax: Retailer of Alternative Fuel
Fuels Tax: Supplier
Fuels Tax: Terminal Operator
Grain Dealer
Health Club
Household Goods Carrier ($50,000.00)
Insurance Premium Finance Company ($50,000.00)
Investment Advisor
Land Use Permit: Type A House Mover
Land Use Permit: Type B Road Cuts
Land Use Permit: Type C Utilities
Land Use Permit: Type D Right-of-Way
Land Use Permit: Type E Miscellaneous
Long Term Care Facility Patient Trust Funds
Lottery Retailer
Malt Beverage Manufacturer’s, Bottler’s or Wholesaler’s
Membership Camping Operator ($50,000.00)
Membership Camping Operator ($75,000.00)
Membership Camping Operator ($100,000.00)
Mining Permit/Reclamation
Money Order Sales and Money Transmission
Mortgage Lender or Broker
Mortgage Originator
Motorcycle, Trailer or T & M Vehicle Dealer ($25,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Dealer ($50,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Title Lender
Non-Resident Insurance Broker
Outdoor Advertising ($1,000.00)
Passenger Carrier and Passenger Broker ($25,000.00)
Pawnbroker ($50,000.00)
Pawnbroker ($10,000.00)
Payday Lender
Perpetual Care Fidelity
Preneed Fidelity
Private Postsecondary School
Professional Boxing, Wrestling and Martial Arts Event
Professional Solicitor ($20,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Public Adjuster ($50,000.00)
Public Official
Rentor’s Tax (Motor Vehicles)
Special Conservator of the Peace ($10,000.00)
Special Game Warden ($1,000.00)
Surplus Lines Insurance Broker ($25,000.00)
Third-Party Tester ($5,000.00)
Title Insurance Settlement Agent ($200,000.00)
Travel Club
Underground Storage Tank Payment and Performance
Unemployment Compensation Act
Vessel Waste Deposit
Viatical Settlement Provider ($100,000.00)
Watercraft Dealer ($5,000.00)
Weighpersons ($10,000.00)
Wholesale Wine Distributor
Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurer

Abingdon – Township Precious Metal and Gem Dealer ($10,000.00)
Accomack – County Erosion and Soil Control / Stormwater
Albemarle – County Subdivision/Road Performance
Albemarle – County Water Protection Performance
Alexandria – City Demolition Permit
Alexandria – City Home Improvement Contractor
Alexandria – City Street and Sidewalk Openings: Maintenance
Alexandria – City Street and Sidewalk Openings: Performance and Payment
American Electric Power / Appalachian Power Utility Deposit
Any Union Wage and Welfare
Arlington – County Cigarette Tax
Arlington – County Home Improvement Contractor ($10,000.00)
Arlington – County Plumbing and Gas Contractor ($10,000.00)
Arlington – County Registered Electrical Contractor
Arlington – County Road Cut
Augusta – County Erosion and Sediment Control
Blackstone – Township Peddler ($5,000.00)
Bristol Virginia Utilities Board (BVU) Utility Deposit
Campbell – County Erosion and Sediment Control
Caroline – County Sewage Installation Performance ($5,000.00)
Charlottesville – City Contractor’s License
Charlottesville – City Site Plan and/or Erosion and Sediment Control Performance
Charlottesville – City Street Cuts or Installation/Maintenance of Utilities Performance
Chesapeake – City Amusement Operator ($1,000.00)
Chesapeake – City Door to Door Vendor
Chesapeake – City Excavation
Chesapeake – City Permit
Chesapeake – City Precious Metals Dealer ($10,000.00)
Chesapeake – City Sewer and/or Water Lines Defect
Chesterfield – County Erosion and Sediment Control Performance
Chesterfield – County Trash and/or Garbage Collector
Christiansburg – Township Erosion/Sediment Control
Columbia Gas of Virginia Utility Deposit
Danville – City Excavation Permit
Danville – City License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Fairfax – County Contractor Performance
Fairfax – County Electrical Contractor ($20,000.00)
Fairfax – County Home Improvement Contractor ($5,000.00)
Fairfax – County Home Improvement Contractor ($10,000.00)
Fairfax – County Home Improvement Contractor ($20,000.00)
Fairfax – County Individual Sewage Disposal System Contractor ($20,000.00)
Fairfax – County Precious Metals Dealer ($10,000.00)
Fairfax – County Solid Waste Collection, Transportation and Disposal
Fairfax – County Solid Waste Disposal
Fairfax – County Solid Waste Tire Disposal
Fairfax – County Well Water Supply Contractor ($10,000.00)
Falls Church – City Electrical Contractor ($1,000.00)
Falls Church – City Gas Fitter Contractor ($1,000.00)
Falls Church – City Home Improvement Contractor ($5,000.00)
Falls Church – City Mechanical Contractor ($1,000.00)
Falls Church – City Plumbing Contractor ($1,000.00)
Falls Church – City Precious Metals Dealer ($10,000.00)
Falls Church – City Right-of-Way Contractor
Falls Church – City Sign Contractor ($1,000.00)
Falls Church – City Solicitor ($2,000.00)
Falls Church – City Tree Contractor ($1,000.00)
Fauquier – County Land Developer
Fauquier – County Land Subdivider
Fauquier – County Water Supply Installation License
Frederick – County Landfill Payment Guarantee
Fredericksburg – City Precious Metals Dealer
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Generic Obligee Lost Securities
Goochland – County Erosion and Sediment Control Performance
Hampton – City Food and Beverage Tax
Hampton – City Land Disturbing Performance
Hampton – City Landscape Installation and Maintenance
Hampton – City Right-of-Way Permit
Hampton Roads Shipping Association – International Longshoremen’s Association (HRSA-ILA) Wage and Welfare
Hanover – County Erosion and Sediment Control
Hanover – County Sewage Disposal System Installer
Harrisonburg – City Contractor License ($5,000.00)
Harrisonburg – City Performance and Land Disturbing Activity
Henrico – County Permit (Continuous)
Henrico – County Permit (One Year)
Hopewell – City License/Permit
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Atlantic Coast Chapter Wage and Welfare
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Atlantic Coast Chapter Wage and Welfare
James City – County Erosion and Sedimentation Control
King George – County Installation and Maintenance of Improvements
Lee – County Erosion and Sediment Control
Loudoun – County Electrical Contractors ($3,000.00)
Loudoun – County Erosion and Sediment Control Grading Permit
Loudoun – County Install or Repair Well Water Supply Systems ($10,000.00)
Loudoun – County Mechanical Contractor ($3,000.00)
Loudoun – County Percolation Test License ($2,000.00)
Loudoun – County Plumbing Contractor ($3,000.00)
Loudoun – County Septic Tank Cleaner ($3,000.00)
Loudoun – County Sewage Disposal and/or Treatment Systems Installation ($10,000.00)
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
Lynchburg – City Contractors License
Lynchburg City Utility Billing Service Utility Deposit
Madison – County Erosion and Sediment Control
Manassas – City Pawnbroker
Martinsville – City License/Permit
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Montgomery – County Music Festival Performance
Newport News – City Contractor’s License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Newport News – City Public Right-of-Way Permit and Performance
Norfolk – City Funeral Director
Norfolk – City Meal Tax: Corporation
Norfolk – City Meal Tax: LLC
Norfolk – City Meal Tax: Sole Proprietor or Partnership
Norfolk – City Precious Metals Dealer ($10,000.00)
Norfolk – City Right of Way Permit
Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board Registered Agents Cigarette Tax
Orange – County Erosion/Sediment Control
Orange – Township License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Petersburg – City Contractor’s License ($1,000.00)
Pittsylvania – County Erosion and Sediment Control
Portsmouth – City Building Contractor ($5,000.00)
Portsmouth – City Electrical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Portsmouth – City Meal Tax: Corporation
Portsmouth – City Meal Tax: Individual/Partnership
Portsmouth – City Mechanical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Portsmouth – City Plumbing Contractor ($5,000.00)
Potomac Electric Company (PEPCO) Utility Deposit
Prince George – County Precious Metals Dealer ($10,000.00)
Prince William – County Canvassers, Solicitors, and Peddlers ($5,000.00)
Prince William – County Electrical Contractor ($2,000.00)
Prince William – County Elevator Contractor ($2,000.00)
Prince William – County Fire Protection Contractor ($2,000.00)
Prince William – County Gas Fitter ($2,000.00)
Prince William – County Home Improvement Contractor ($10,000.00)
Prince William – County Mechanical Contractor ($2,000.00)
Prince William – County Plumbing Contractor ($2,000.00)
Prince William – County Precious Metals Dealer
Prince William – County Sewage Disposal System Installer ($2,000.00)
Pulaski – County Erosion/Sediment Control
Radford – City Land Disturbing Activity
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Utility Deposit
Richmond – City Erosion and Sediment Control
Richmond – City Utility Deposit
Roanoke – City Contractor’s License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Roanoke – City Excavation Permit
Roanoke – City Land Disturbing Activity
Roanoke – City Land Subdivider’s
Roanoke – County Contractor’s Permit
Roanoke – County Erosion and Sediment Control
Roanoke – County Land Disturbing Activity
Roanoke Gas Company Utility Deposit
Rockbridge – County Erosion/Sediment Control
Screen Actors Guild Washington-Mid Atlantic Local Screen Actors Guild
SGS North America Inc Reclamation Performance
Spotsylvania – County Erosion and Sediment Control: Blanket Bond
Spotsylvania – County Erosion and Sediment Control: Single Location
Stafford – County Erosion and Sediment Control/Stormwater Management (under $25,000)
Staunton – City Precious Metals Dealer ($25,000.00)
Steamfitters Local 602 Contractors Fringe Benefit
Suffolk – City Erosion and Sediment Contol
Suffolk – City Landscape Requirements Maintenance Permit
Suffolk – City Right of Way – Blanket Permit
Suffolk – City Right of Way – Single Project
Suffolk – City Solicitor ($500.00)
Suffolk – City Subdivision Defect
Tiger Fuel Company Fuel Supply Payment
VA Railway Express Ticket Vendor
Virginia Beach – City Admissions Tax
Virginia Beach – City Erosion and Sediment Control and/or Stormwater Management
Virginia Beach – City License/Permit
Virginia Beach – City Precious Metals Dealer ($10,000.00)
Virginia Beach – City Right of Way Improvements Corporate Permit Performance
Virginia Electric and Power Company dba Dominion Virginia Power Utility Deposit – Electric Services
Virginia Electric and Power Company dba Dominion Virginia Power Utility Deposit – Gas Services
Williamsburg – City Erosion and Sedimentation Control Performance
York – County Constructing Single or Multi-Family Dwellings ($10,000.00)
York – County Contracting: Multiple Trades ($20,000.00)
York – County Contracting: Multiple Trades ($30,000.00)
York – County Contracting: Multiple Trades ($40,000.00)
York – County Contracting: Multiple Trades ($50,000.00)
York – County Electrical Contracting ($10,000.00)
York – County Heating or Air Conditioning Contracting ($10,000.00)
York – County Home Improvement Contracting ($10,000.00)
York – County Plumbing Contracting ($10,000.00)

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BondExchange takes the guesswork out of applying for Virginia surety bonds. Our streamlined application is designed to guide you through each step, leaving no room for error.

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