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Idaho Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Idaho

Nearly 120,000 businesses call the Gem State home, many of which need surety bond coverage in order to legally operate. State agencies in Idaho require 60 unique bond types, with another 27 bonds required by local municipalities, and BondExchange can provide access to all 87 of them.

Idaho agents across the state rely on BondExchange to generate thousands of quotes each month on Idaho surety bonds, including hard-to-find bonds.

We have more than 10,000 unique bonds from over 30 different markets, giving agents a single solution to meet the needs of their Idaho business clients.

Idaho Surety Bond Coverage with BondExchange

BondExchange is your single source for all 87 unique bond types that Idaho businesses need. Agents use our platform to locate bonds and generate instant quotes to meet their needs. Below are some of the most frequently needed bonds in Idaho.

Contract Bonds

Contractors performing contracts for public entities generally need payment and performance bonds in Idaho. Before submitting bids on these projects, a bid bond is needed to secure the bid. BondExchange has contract bond programs for small infrequent bidders, to large well-established public works contractors.

License Bonds

Many businesses in Idaho must procure the proper license and coverage before legally operating, including bail bond agents, beer and cigarette retailers, and private trade schools.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

All new and used motor vehicle or vessel dealers must purchase surety bond coverage in order to conduct business.

Public Official Bonds

Notary publics and other public officials may be required to purchase surety bond coverage before assuming their role.

Dishonesty Bonds

Dishonesty Bonds protect businesses and their clients against employee-related theft. These bonds are commonly required of businesses who perform work at client businesses or homes, including home health service providers, home improvement contractors, and janitorial companies.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Other bonds not listed in the above categories may be required for Idaho businesses, including utility deposit bonds, union wage and welfare bonds, and land lease bonds.

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If you're an agent in Idaho, BondExchange is the one-stop-shop to serve your clients for ALL surety bonds in the Gem State. For a complete list of Idaho surety bonds, click the box below to expand the list.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Agent to Sell Securities ($10,000.00)
Bail Bond Agent ($15,000.00)
Beer Tax
Cigarette Tax Permit
Collection Agency
Combative Sports Exhibition
Commodity Dealer
Commodity Dealer / Seed Buyer
Distiller ($1,000.00)
Escrow Agency
Farm Labor Contractor ($10,000.00)
Farm Labor Contractor ($30,000.00)
Farm Produce Dealer, Broker and/or Commission Merchant ($50,000.00)
Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor ($2,000.00)
Fish and Game License Vendor
Hop Dealer ($2,000.00)
HVAC Contractor / Specialty Contractor Certification ($2,000.00)
Insurance Consultant ($10,000.00)
Investment Adviser ($25,000.00)
Licensed Fuel Distributor
Low Temperature Geothermal Resource Well
Managing General Agent
Manufactured Home Broker License ($30,000.00)
Manufactured Home Installer License ($5,000.00)
Manufactured Home Manufacturer License
Manufactured Home Retailer License ($40,000.00)
Manufactured Home Service Company License ($5,000.00)
Mining Permit / Mineral Lease
Mint Dealer ($2,000.00)
Money Transmitter
Mortgage Broker/Lender
Mortgage Broker/Lender ($10,000.00)
Mortgage Loan Originator ($10,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Certificate of Ownership
Motor Vehicle or Vessel Dealer ($10,000.00)
Motor Vehicle or Vessel Dealer ($20,000.00)
Motor Vehicle or Vessel Dealer ($40,000.00)
Notary Public ($10,000.00)
Outfitters/Designated Agents ($10,000.00)
Oversize/Overweight: Permit Fee Account
Plumbing Contractor / Specialty Contractor License ($2,000.00)
Private Trade Schools ($10,000.00)
Private Trade Schools ($25,000.00)
Private Trade Schools ($50,000.00)
Private Trade Schools ($100,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Proprietary School
Public Adjuster ($20,000.00)
Seed Buyer
Self-Insurer’s Compensation
Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Installer ($5,000.00)
Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Installer ($15,000.00)
Surplus Lines Broker ($10,000.00)
Third Party Administrator
Title Insurance Agent
Warehouseman/Seed Buyer
Water Treatment Installers ($2,000.00)
Well Driller
Wine Tax

Ada – County Temporary Highway Use Permit ($25,000.00)
Any Union Wage and Welfare
Boise – City License/Permit
Boise – City Peddler
Boise – City Private Patrol Agent ($2,500.00)
Boise – City Private Patrol Service ($10,000.00)
Boise – City Security Alarm Installation Service ($10,000.00)
Boise – City Security Alarm Installer ($2,500.00)
Boise – City Vendor/Solicitor
Chubbuck – City License/Permit
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Idaho Falls – City Itinerant Merchant ($1,000.00)
Idaho Falls – City Private Patrol/Alarm Installation Service
Idaho Falls – City Public Right-of-Way Contractor/Building Contractor License ($5,000.00)
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Lewiston – City Private Patrol Service
Lewiston – City Right-of-Way
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Nampa – City Private Patrol Agent/Alarm Installer
Pocatello – City Class A-1 Contractor ($50,000.00)
Pocatello – City Class A-2 Contractor ($25,000.00)
Pocatello – City Class B Contractor ($10,000.00)
Sandpoint – City Transient Merchant
Twin Falls – City Private Security Agency
Twin Falls – City Private Security Guard
Twin Falls – City Transient Merchant

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BondExchange seamlessly connects agents with over 30 markets to place any of the 87 Idaho surety bonds, and over 10,000 nationwide. Find, quote, service, and issue bonds, all within our platform built for agents.

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Our development team transplanted 40 years of surety experience and data into our advanced technology to take the guesswork out of bond issuance, filing, cancellations, renewals, and reinstatements. With BondExchange, you can be confident that your customers’ bonds are executed error-free.

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From sending a quote to completing the application, everything happens on our platform. BondExchange makes it easy to find the unique bond your client needs, generate an instant quote, and complete the application—all while keeping your name and brand in full focus.

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Our Charlotte based underwriters are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. Call, chat, or email our friendly staff directly for prompt, courteous replies to any of your surety questions. Agents can expect one of our underwriters to answer the phone on the 1st ring or respond to chat in seconds with the authority and knowledge to answer your questions.

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