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Kansas Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Kansas

There are in excess of 224,000 businesses that call The Sunflower State home, and many of these businesses require surety bonds in order to obtain or renew occupational licenses, bid on public sector contracting jobs, pull permits, and provide legislated protections to their customers. There are 49 types of bonds that Kansas state agencies require of businesses operating within its borders, while local cities and counties require another 70 bond types.

BondExchange features hundreds of Kansas agents from every corner of the state from Wichita to Topeka, all of which use our network to find surety bonds for their clients.

With access to more than 30 different markets, we offer all 119 different surety bond types required in Kansas. Our staff provides patient, expert advice to help every type of agent with any surety bond they might need.

Popular Kansas Surety Bond Types

BondExchange provides a single point of entry for agents to access all Kansas surety bonds. Agents use our platform to find the correct bond for their clients, receive instant online quotes, and complete their purchase online in just a few easy steps! Here are some of the most common Kansas surety bonds.

Notary Public Bonds

Becoming a notary public for the state of Kansas requires the purchase of a $7,500 surety bond. This must be renewed every four-year term the notary public serves.

Well Operation Bonds

The Kansas Corporation Commission Conservation Division requires all companies that operate oil, gas, injection, disposal, or service wells within the state to purchase a surety bond to ensure the wells are properly plugged or remediated.

Miscellaneous Business Bonds

A number of unrelated businesses also require surety bond coverage in Kansas. They include private detectives or investigation agencies, driver training school operators, security guard agencies, and home inspectors.

Liquor License Bonds

The State of Kansas regulates the licensing of alcohol closely. There are bonding requirements for several different liquor licenses in The Sunflower State, including those for retailers or distributors for beer, wine, and spirits, wineries, microbreweries, and special order shippers.

Financial Services Bonds

Kansas financial service providers are often required to purchase surety bonds to protect the public from fraud or misconduct. For example, credit services organizations, investment advisers, and supervised lenders must file surety bonds with the state of Kansas before offering their services to clients.

Local City/County Bonds

Several cities and counties in Kansas have bond requirements for local companies. The city of Wichita alone requires 17 different surety bonds for businesses involved in excavation, demolition, plumbing installation, and more.

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If you’re a Kansas insurance agent, sign up with BondExchange to gain access to all of the Kansas surety bonds your clients may need. For a complete list of surety bonds covered in Kansas, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Abstracter (Title Agent)
Cleanup and Closure Permit
Credit Services Organization
Detective or Detective Agency
Driver Training School Operator ($2,500.00)
Health Care Card Supplier ($50,000.00)
Home Inspector
Hunting and Fishing License and Permit
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
Investment Adviser
Laying Out, Viewing, Altering or Vacating Roads
Liquid Fuels Carrier ($1,000.00)
Liquid Petroleum-Gas (LP-Gas) User-Dealer
Liquor Drink Tax
Liquor License: Beer Distributor ($5,000.00)
Liquor License: Farm Winery ($2,000.00)
Liquor License: Manufacturer ($25,000.00)
Liquor License: Microbrewery ($2,000.00)
Liquor License: Microdistillery ($2,000.00)
Liquor License: Non-Beverage User
Liquor License: Retailer ($2,000.00)
Liquor License: Special Order Shipping ($750.00)
Liquor License: Spirits Distributor ($15,000.00)
Liquor License: Wine Distributor ($5,000.00)
Long Term Care Resident Fund
Money Transmitter
Motor Vehicle Dealer ($30,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Fuel and Special Fuel Distributor
Motor Vehicle Fuel and Special Fuel Importer/Exporter
Motor Vehicle Fuel and Special Fuel Manufacturer
Non-Resident Contractor
Notary Public ($7,500.00)
Oil, Gas, Injection, Disposal or Service Well Operator
Pesticide Business License
Prepaid Service Plan Qualifying (Legal or Dental Coverage)
Private or Out-of-State Institutions ($20,000.00)
Professional Boxing, Kickboxing & Full Contact Karate, and Professional Mixed Martial Arts Promoter ($10,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Reimbursing Employer (Unemployment Tax)
Security Guard Agency ($10,000.00)
Self-Insurance Aggregate (Workers Compensation)
Supervised Lender or Mortgage Company
Title Agent: Escrow, Settlement or Closing Accounts ($25,000.00)
Title Agent: Escrow, Settlement or Closing Accounts ($50,000.00)
Title Agent: Escrow, Settlement or Closing Accounts ($100,000.00)
Tobacco Products Distributor’s Tax
Vehicle Title Service Agent ($25,000.00)
Wholesale Cigarette Dealer

Americus – City License/Permit
Any Union Wage and Welfare
Arkansas City – City License/Permit ($4,000.00)
Belle Plaine – City License/Permit
Coffeyville – City License/Permit
Concordia – City Sewer Plumber
Emporia – City License/Permit
Erie – City Solicitor ($1,000.00)
Garden City – City License and Permit
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Girard – City License/Permit
Goodland – City License/Permit
Greensburg – City License/Permit
Hays – City Solicitor
Holton – City Mechanical Contractor
Hutchinson – City License/Permit
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Junction City – City License/Permit
Kansas City – City Collection Agency
Kansas City – City Electrical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Kansas City – City Mechanical/HVAC Contractor ($5,000.00)
Kansas City – City Plumber ($5,000.00)
Kansas City – City Retail Fireworks Sales ($1,000.00)
Kansas City – City Second Hand and Junk Dealers ($2,000.00)
Kansas City – City Sign Hanger ($10,000.00)
Kansas Gas and Electric Company dba Westar Energy Utility Deposit
Kansas Gas Service a division of ONEOK Inc Utility Deposit
Lansing – City License/Permit
Leawood – City Mud Bond / Sidewalk Contractor ($5,000.00)
Leawood – City Performance and Maintenance
Lenexa – City Residential Projects Performance
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
McPherson – City License/Permit
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Minneapolis – City License/Permit
Mission – City Excavation in Right-of-Way ($5,000.00)
Mission Woods – City Performance and Maintenance
Osage City – City License/Permit
Ottawa – City License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Overland Park – City Right-of-Way Work Permit Performance and Maintenance ($15,000.00)
Overland Park – City Right-of-Way Work Permit Performance and Maintenance ($30,000.00)
Overland Park – City Right-of-Way Work Permit Performance and Maintenance ($50,000.00)
Pittsburg – City License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Prairie Village – City Demolition
Prairie Village – City Performance and Maintenance
Salina – City License/Permit
Shawnee – City Land Disturbance Performance
Shawnee – City Low Impact Land Disturbance Permit ($5,000.00)
Shawnee – City Low Impact Land Disturbance Permit ($10,000.00)
Shawnee – City Public Improvements Performance and Maintenance
Shawnee – City Right of Way Performance and Maintenance ($5,000.00)
Shawnee – City Right of Way Performance and Maintenance ($50,000.00)
Wichita – City Air Conditioning & Warm Air Heating (Class A-C) ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Cement Contractor ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Drain Layer ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Electrical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Wichita – City Excavation, Cutting sidewalks or pavement ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Gas Fitter ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City House Mover (a) Protection of City ($3,500.00)
Wichita – City House Mover (b) Protection of Public ($1,000.00)
Wichita – City Lawn Sprinkling System ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Minor Street Privilege ($5,000.00)
Wichita – City Mobile Home Electrical Contractor ($5,000.00)
Wichita – City Plumber ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Private Merchant Police ($5,000.00)
Wichita – City Roof Sign ($5,000.00)
Wichita – City Sewer Cleaning ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Sign Hanger ($2,000.00)
Wichita – City Wrecking ($2,000.00)
Winfield – City License/Permit

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