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Massachusetts Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Massachusetts

More than 529,000 businesses operate within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, many of which need a surety bond to receive an operational license or renew an existing one. There are a total of 58 unique bond types needed for state-regulated licenses, and an additional 141 bonds at the city or county level.

BondExchange provides surety bond services to Massachusetts agents across the state, from Stockbridge and Springfield to Salem, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, and beyond.

Our platform provides instant bond quotes from more than 30 different markets, making it easy for agents to find the best prices on any of the 199 different types of surety bonds in Massachusetts. Our team of surety experts supplement BondExchange technology, providing friendly advice and fast service.

Popular Surety Bonds in Massachusetts

BondExchange provides complete, comprehensive access to every surety bond that the state of Massachusetts, and its specific municipalities, required for businesses. Agents can use our comprehensive platform to source the surety bonds required by clients, provide instant online quotes to those clients, and offer online solutions with zero investment in technology. It’s all just a few clicks away through the BondExchange platform. Here are just a few of the types of surety bonds Massachusetts businesses may need:

Excise Tax Bonds

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue requires several businesses to provide a bond in order to operate in the state. These include the sale of cigarettes and alcohol as well as importing, exporting, and distributing gasoline, jet fuel, and specialty fuels.

Motor Vehicle Bonds

Secondhand motor vehicle dealers, repair shops, certificate of title issuers, and license plate manufacturers all require specific licensing and surety bonds in Massachusetts. The bond amounts depend based on the type of license needed.

Financial Services Bonds

Providing financial services in Massachusetts can require taking out surety bonds. Acting as a real estate broker, collection agency, an insurance broker, an investment adviser or broker-dealer, or as a mortgage broker, lender, or originator all require separate surety bonds in The Bay State.

Transient Vendor Bonds

Businesses who wish to operate as a transient vendor within the Commonwealth need to be bonded with the Massachusetts Deputy Director of Standards in order to activate their license.

Sign Permit Bonds

The Massachusetts Highway Department requires businesses that erect or maintain signs on public property to obtain a permit and file a bond. The bonds are filed with the highway district where the sign is located.

Local Contractor Bonds

Almost every major city and county in Massachusetts require contractors to be bonded for construction, excavation, or demolition activities. Examples include demolition or foundation permits in Boston or street opening bonds for cities like Springfield and Taunton.

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If you’re an agent in Massachusetts, sign up with BondExchange to gain access to all Massachusetts surety bonds. To view a complete list of surety bonds in Massachusetts, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Auctioneer ($10,000.00)
Blanket Deposit (DCAM)
Blasting Operations Blanket ($20,000.00)
Clam Digging, Taking and Transporting ($1,000.00)
Collection Agency
Commercial Co-Venturers ($25,000.00)
Cosmetology School ($10,000.00)
Driving School
Electronic Vehicle Registration Permit (EVR Permit) ($10,000.00)
Employment Agency License ($3,000.00)
Excise Tax – Aircraft (Jet) Fuel
Excise Tax – Alcoholic Beverages
Excise Tax – Cigarette
Excise Tax – Gasoline Distributor
Excise Tax – Gasoline Exporter
Excise Tax – Gasoline Importer
Excise Tax – Special Fuels
E-ZPass MA Agreement
FAST LANE: Turnpike Authority
Hazardous Waste Transporters ($10,000.00)
Health Club
Hunting/Fishing/Trapping/Sporting License Agent ($6,000.00)
Insurance Broker ($2,000.00)
Investment Adviser or Broker-Dealer ($10,000.00)
License Plate Manufacturer ($100,000.00)
Liquor License
Milk Dealer’s License
Mortgage Broker ($75,000.00)
Mortgage Lender
Mortgage Loan Originator ($25,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title
Motor Vehicle Glass Repair Shop ($10,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Repair Shop ($10,000.00)
Nursing Home – Patient Trust Fund
Out-of-State (Nonresident) Contractors Guarantee
Private Detective or Watch, Guard or Patrol Agency ($5,000.00)
Private Occupational School
Professional Promoter
Professional Solicitor ($25,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Providers of Electrician Education ($50,000.00)
Public Warehouseman ($10,000.00)
Real Estate Broker ($5,000.00)
Real Estate Broker (New Brokers Only) ($5,000.00)
Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons School ($20,000.00)
Second Hand Motor Vehicle Dealer ($25,000.00)
Self-Insurer Workers Compensation
Seller of Checks ($100,000.00)
Sign Permit – District 1
Sign Permit – District 2
Sign Permit – District 3
Sign Permit – District 4
Sign Permit – District 5
Sign Permit – District 6
Special Insurance Broker ($2,000.00)
Special or Chartered Service License
Theatrical Booking Agent ($1,000.00)
Transient Vendor ($500.00)

Amesbury – Township Street Opening ($5,000.00)
Any Union Wage and Welfare
Arlington – Township License/Permit
Attleboro – City Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Attleboro – City License/Permit
Attleboro – City Solicitor ($1,000.00)
Auburn – Township License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Barre – Township Drain Layer ($10,000.00)
Billerica – Township Drain Layer
Boston – City Demolition or Foundation Permit
Boston – City Fast-Track Building Permit
Boston – City Street Obstruction
Boston – City Water and Sewer (Drain Layer)
Boston Edison Company Utility Deposit
Boston Gas Company dba National Grid Utility Deposit
Brookline – Township Public Works Permit ($5,000.00)
Brookline – Township Public Works Permit ($10,000.00)
Brookline – Township Sewer Opening ($5,000.00)
Burlington – Township Site Improvement Bordering Waters Performance
Cambridge – City Drain Layer
Cambridge – City Sign Permit
Cambridge – City Use of Streets License
Canton – Township Drain Layer
Carleton Shores Association Inc Road Damage Permit
Charlton – Township Sewer Installation ($5,000.00)
Chelmsford – Township Street Opening ($5,000.00)
Chelsea – City Street Opening Permit ($5,000.00)
Cherry Valley – District Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Clinton – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Concord – Township Use of Street
Danvers – Township Street Opening
Dartmouth – Township Drain Layer
Dedham – Township Street Opening ($5,000.00)
Dracut – Township Septic
Dudley – Township Drain Layer
Everett – City Street Opening Permit ($5,000.00)
Fall River – City Building Mover
Fall River – City Drain Layer ($25,000.00)
Fall River – City Drain Layer ($50,000.00)
Fall River – City Drain Layer ($100,000.00)
Fall River – City Local Official
Fitchburg – City Street Opening
Framingham – Township Street Opening
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Grafton – Township Drain Layer
Haverhill – City Drain Layer
Haverhill – City Dumpster Removal ($5,000.00)
Hillcrest Sewer – District General Contractor
Hillcrest Water – District Drain Layer
Holden – Township Drain Layer
Hudson – Township Drain Layer
IBEW Local 103: Boston Wage and Welfare
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Lawrence – City Street Opening
Lawrence – City Street Sign Permit
Leicester – Township Drain Layer
Leicester Water Supply – District License/Permit
Lowell – City License/Permit
Lowell – City Solicitor ($1,000.00)
Ludlow – Township Drain Layer ($3,000.00)
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
Lunenburg – Township License/Permit
Lynn – City Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Lynnfield – Township License/Permit
Malden – City Solicitor
Malden – City Street Opening Permit
Malden – City Transient Merchant ($1,000.00)
Mansfield – Township Drain Layer
Mansfield – Township Water Installer
Marblehead – Township Drain Layer
Marlborough – City Drain Layer
Marlborough – City Use of Street
Massachusetts Electric Company dba National Grid Utility Deposit
Medford – City License/Permit
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Methuen – Township License/Permit
Methuen – Township Site Improvement
Millbury – Township Street Opening
Milton – Township Street Opening Permit
Natick – Township Street Opening ($5,000.00)
Needham – Township Sidewalk Contractor
New Bedford – City Contractor Performance & Guaranty ($10,000.00)
New Bedford – City Solicitor ($1,000.00)
New Bedford – City Street Obstruction ($5,000.00)
New England Regional Council Of Carpenters United Wage and Welfare
Newton – City Sidewalk/Street Permit ($20,000.00)
Newton – City Sidewalk/Street Permit ($1,000.00)
North Andover – Township Street Opening
Northborough – Township Drain Layer
Norwood – Township Drain Layer
NSTAR Gas Company Utility Deposit
Oxford – Township Drain Layer
Palmer – Township Drain Layer
Palmer – Township Excavation
Peabody – Township Drain Layer
Pittsfield – City Excavation Permit Performance
Pittsfield – City License/Permit
Plumbers Local No 12 Wage and Welfare ($20,000.00)
Plymouth – Township License/Permit
Quincy – City Contractor Performance ($5,000.00)
Revere – City Road Opening
Revere – City Sewer ($10,000.00)
Salem – City Dumpster Removal
Salem – City Sign Permit
Salem – City Use of Street
Sandwich – Township Solid Waste Transfer Station Operations
Sandwich – Township Street Permit
Sandwich – Township Wetland Conservation
Shrewsbury – Township License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Somerville – City Drain Layer ($10,000.00)
Somerville – City Structures in Street
Southborough – Township Street Opening
Southbridge – Township Drain Layer
Southbridge – Township Water Installer
Southwick – Township License/Permit
Springfield – City License/Permit ($10,000.00)
Springfield – City Signs over Public Ways
Springfield – City Street Opening ($10,000.00)
Stoughton – Township Drain Layer
Sturbridge – Township Peddler/Solicitor ($500.00)
Taunton – City Street Opening
Tewksbury – City Solicitor ($1,000.00)
Tyngsborough – Township Sewer
Tyngsborough – Township Water Installer
Walpole – Township Drain Layer
Waltham – City Excavation ($5,000.00)
Wayland – Township Street Opening ($5,000.00)
Webster – Township Drain Layer ($5,000.00)
Webster – Township Street Opening
Westborough – Township Drain Layer
West Brookfield – Township Excavation
Weymouth – Township Drain Layer
Wilbraham – Township Drain Layer ($3,000.00)
Wilbraham – Township Sewer Installer ($5,000.00)
Wilbraham – Township Water Installer ($5,000.00)
Winchester – Township License/Permit ($2,000.00)
Woburn – City Street Opening ($5,000.00)
Worcester – City Constable ($5,000.00)
Worcester – City Driveway Permit
Worcester – City Pawnbroker
Worcester – City Sewer Opening ($5,000.00)

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