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Wyoming Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds in Wyoming

There are more than 56,600 businesses that make The Equality State home, and many of these businesses require surety bonds in order to obtain occupational licenses, pull permits, bid on public jobs, and protect their customers. There are 32 unique bond types that state agencies require of businesses operating in Wyoming, while local municipalities require another 17 bond types.

BondExchange features hundreds of Wyoming agents from every corner of the state, all of which use our network to find surety bonds for their clients.
With access to more than 30 different markets, we offer all 49 different surety bond types required by both the state of Wyoming and its local municipalities.

Our staff provides expert advice using plain English to help every type of agent with any surety bond need.

Popular Wyoming Surety Bond Types

BondExchange provides a single point of entry for agents to access all Wyoming surety bonds. Agents use our platform to find the correct bond for their clients, receive instant online quotes, and complete their purchase online in just a few easy steps! Here are some of the most common Wyoming surety bonds.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

Wyoming Department of Transportation requires that motor vehicle dealers purchase a $25,000 surety bond before they can begin operations. Vehicle dealers are defined as any person engaged in the business of selling or exchanging vehicles who buys and sells, or exchanges three or more vehicles in a year.

Financial Services Bonds

Wyoming financial service providers are often required to purchase surety bonds to protect the public from fraud or misconduct. For example, mortgage lenders and brokers must file a $25,000 surety bond with the state of Wyoming before offering mortgage services to clients.

Public Official Bonds

Public officials in Wyoming may be required to purchase surety bonds to protect the public. While many overlook notaries as public officials, notary publics must be commissioned to offer services in Wyoming and post a $500 surety bond to coincide with their four-year commission.

Fuel Tax Bonds

Fuel suppliers, refiners, and distributors, terminal operators, and importers/exporters must obtain a license to operate with the state of Wyoming and secure a fuel tax bond to ensure the state receives payment of fuel taxes. The bond amount is the greater of $50,000 or the equivalent of the licensee’s tax liability for six months.

Private School Performance Bonds

Private schools operating within the state of Wyoming must purchase a $10,000 surety bond and file it with the Department of Education before opening their doors. The bond protects the public by providing some financial recourse for prepaid tuition fees should the school go out of business.

Miscellaneous Business Bonds

A number of businesses in Wyoming require surety bond coverage. They include private fish hatchery and pond operators, taxidermists, and appraisal management companies.

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If you’re an agent currently working in Wyoming, sign up with BondExchange to gain access to all of our Wyoming surety bonds. If you want a complete list of all the surety bonds covered in Wyoming, expand the box below.

State Bonds Municipal Bonds

Appraisal Management Company ($25,000.00)
Coal Reclamation Performance
Collection Agency ($10,000.00)
Commercial Driver License (CDL) Third Party Tester ($10,000.00)
Employment Agency ($500.00)
Fuel Tax
Lost Certificate of Title
Money Transmitter
Mortgage Lenders and Brokers ($25,000.00)
Motor Club ($100,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Dealer ($25,000.00)
Motor Vehicle Manufacturer ($25,000.00)
Non-Hydrocarbon Producing and Suspended Operations Wells
Non-Resident Contractor Sales and Use Tax – Multiple Contracts ($1,000,000.00)
Non-Resident Contractor Sales and Use Tax – Single Contract
Non-Resident Employer
Notary Public ($500.00)
Oil and Gas Owner’s (Blanket)
Oil and Gas Owner’s (Individual Well)
Oil and Gas Seismic Hole Plugger’s (Blanket)
Oil and Gas Seismic Operator’s (Blanket)
Oil and Gas Seismic Operator’s (Individual Well)
Other Minerals Reclamation Performance
Private Fish Hatchery and Pond
Private School Performance ($10,000.00)
Property Broker or Freight Forwarder BMC-84 (ICC Broker) ($75,000.00)
Supervised Lenders
Surplus Lines Broker ($10,000.00)
Taxidermist ($5,000.00)
Temporary Recreational Vehicle (R/V) Display and Sales ($50,000.00)
Third Party Administrator

Any Union Wage and Welfare
Buffalo – City License/Permit
Buffalo – City Transient Merchant ($5,000.00)
Cheyenne – City License/Permit
Douglas – City License/Permit
Generic Obligee Concessionaire
Gillette – City License/Permit ($5,000.00)
Gillette – City Transient Merchant ($5,000.00)
Installation Made Easy Inc (IME) IME Affiliate
Jackson – Township License/Permit
Lander – City License/Permit ($2,000.00)
Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider
MEMO Financial Services, Inc dba MEMO MEMO Money Order
Newcastle – City License/Permit
Sheridan – City License/Permit
Torrington – City License/Permit
Wheatland – Township License/Permit

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As the single source for surety bonds for Wyoming agents, BondExchange provides access to hundreds of different types of bonds and rates from over 30 different carriers. BondExchange saves you time by shopping the entire market with an instant online application, ensuring profitability and presenting you as a surety bond professional to the client.

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