Colorado Surety Bonds

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BondExchange Provides Surety Bonds in Colorado

Colorado represents one of the most diverse populations of businesses in the country. Many of the 400 thousand or so businesses in the Centennial State require surety bonds in order to operate. Colorado state agencies and local municipalities require 100+ different types of surety bonds, and BondExchange can help you place each and every one of these for your clients.

Colorado agents use BondExchange to serve businesses throughout the state. We help them deliver thousands of quotes each month on a wide variety of surety bonds, including license and permit bonds, contract bonds, fidelity bonds, and any other surety related bond that they might come across.

At BondExchange, we have access to more than 30 different bond markets, giving agents access to all unique bonds required of Colorado businesses. In addition, our platform provides agents with expert advice and assistance throughout the bonding process.

Construction Bond

Required for contractors and material suppliers performing project-based work. Construction bonds include bid/proposal, performance and payment, supply, and contractor license bonds.

Employee Dishonesty Bond

Provide protection to customers from theft when a business service provider has access to their personal or business property.

Mortgage Bond

Required for mortgage loan originators (MLOs). The bonds protect consumers from financial harm if the MLO commits fraud.

Nursing Home Bond

Required for nursing home facilities that hold patient funds in a trust account.


Required for employee benefit plan trustees. These bonds ensure that plan beneficiaries will receive compensation for financial harm should the fiduciary commit fraud or dishonest acts.

Public Adjuster Bond

Required for public adjusters as a prerequisite to obtaining a professional license.

Why Choose BondExchange for Colorado Surety Bonds?

BondExchange streamlines the surety bond process by providing agents with a single entry point to help clients obtain the surety bonds they need.
Find the bond your customer needs, get an instant quote, and deliver it to your customer using our platform!

Surety Bond Service Designed for Agents

BondExchange was created specifically for agents. We’ve combined our 40 years of expertise in the bond industry with modern tools and technology to give you a single solution for Colorado surety bonds.

Complete Colorado Surety Bond Service from Start to Finish

Our one-source platform helps you get instant quotes for Colorado surety bonds.

Our database contains over 10,000 bonds and details regarding bond issuance, cancellations, renewals, reinstatements, and filing procedures, so there’s no guesswork from start to finish.

Streamlined Application to Issue Bonds with Confidence

We’ve simplified the entire process of issuing surety bonds, starting with the application. Follow our step-by-step process to avoid missing any crucial details and take advantage of our expert tips and insights along the way.

We help agents feel confident throughout the application process. Clients can purchase the surety bond directly from the platform, or agents can send the quote via the client’s preference. The agent remains in control of the process while keeping their name and brand in the spotlight.