Earn Cash Rewards for Referrals

BX Referral Rewards Program

We’re extremely proud when our agents refer us to their friends. We created the BX Referral Rewards Program to reward agents that enroll their peers on our platform with cash and a top spot on BookBuilder.

We are excited to announce the referral program is now live.

What is the BX Referral Rewards Program?

The BX Referral Rewards Program provides agents with increasing value based on the number of new agents they bring to our platform, as outlined below:

  • $25 for the 1st agent referred
  • $100 for the 5th agent referred
  • $250 for the 10th agent referred
  • Top of BookBuilder for one month in your city for the 11th agent referred

Additionally, the agents you refer to us will receive $20 cash (on top of their earned commission) after issuing their first bond.

*Referred agents must be from a separate agency

How Does it Work?

We provide each BX agent a unique link with an embedded referral code that can be sent directly to other agents or shared on social media. We will credit you with an enrollment every time another agent clicks your referral link and completes the enrollment process. To access your referral link, simply follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Click the green “Referral Rewards” button at the top left corner of your screen

From here, you can copy your unique referral code, instantly share it via email and social media, and track your referral numbers.

We will add earned rewards to your next commission check.

The Bottom Line

The BX Referral Rewards Program provides both you and the agents you refer with cash and promotional rewards. By participating in this program, you’re not only introducing the industry’s leading surety bond platform to other agents, but getting paid to do so!