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Gain Access to BondExchange Today, and let us Make Surety Work For You

FirstChoice, a MarshBerry Company, is one of the largest insurance networks in the US today. The primary goal of FirstChoice is to assist members in achieving profitable revenue growth year after year.

FirstChoice was created in 2015 as a wholesale outlet for Nationwide Captive agents looking for commercial market access. In 2017, the model evolved to an agency member network to provide access to direct carriers, strategic planning, education, and technology along with original market access.

We're More Than Just Instant Issue

BondExchange is the ONLY surety company that empowers agents with the tools needed to efficiently manage and grow their surety business. Our industry-leading platform allows agents to:

  • Instantly quote and issue bonds, including bonds subject to credit and financial underwriting

  • Issue riders online, including changes that affect the premium

  • Manage upcoming renewals and pending quotes

  • Upload underwriting documents to specific bonds

  • Generate business without doing any work with BookBuilder

  • Quote bonds directly on your website with SuretyPro

  • Add payment methods for future purchases

  • And much more…