BondExchange Brings Surety Business to Agents


Does your surety hand you paying customers with a commission check? What if your website gave insureds the ability to shop the entire surety market, quote, and purchase bonds in minutes? BondExchange now provides agents with all of these features and more…

What’s New?

Agents can now generate business through BondExchange, have their customers quote bonds directly from their websites, and purchase bonds with a bank routing and account number.

BX Agent Finder

Our proprietary agent finder tool allows agents to leverage BondExchange’s national marketing campaigns. Insureds search for a local BX agent, displaying the agent’s profile and instantly allowing the customer to quote a bond. We get a lot of retail traffic to our website. However, we are wholesale only and work exclusively with licensed insurance agents. The agent finder tool allows us to market agents enrolled with us by prominently displaying their profiles to retail customers.

Generating new leads can be challenging, and agents often ask us for assistance in marketing their agencies. With BX Agent Finder, agents now have customers coming directly to them, effectively generating leads without the enormous budget it takes to compete online or doing any work other than the two minutes it takes to enroll.

Surety bonds create sticky relationships with customers, and most people purchasing a bond will need other types of insurance as well. By being featured on BX Agent Finder, agents have the opportunity to create lasting relationships with customers who have extensive insurance needs.

Learn more about BX Agent Finder here.

BX Pro

BondExchange agents can easily look like a surety expert by inserting a customizable button on their website, allowing customers to quote and purchase bonds instantly. By allowing their customers to quote bonds directly on their website, agents cement their reputations as surety pros and differentiate their businesses from the competition.

Learn more about BX Pro here.

BX Pay

No agency credit card? No problem! We’ve expanded our payment method options to allow agents to purchase bonds via ACH transactions. The days of having to mail in checks are long gone. Now, agents can quickly buy bonds online with just a bank routing and account number.

Learn more about BX Pay here.

The Bottom Line

Surety bonds are confusing. However, your bond broker does not have to be. By relaunching, we’ve allowed agents to generate more leads, quote bonds faster, and purchase bonds via ACH transactions. We are confident that these new features will further simplify obtaining surety bonds and give agents the tools they need to grow their business efficiently. For any questions on navigating the recent site changes, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at
(800) 438-1162, by email at [email protected], or by simply utilizing the chat feature located at the bottom of your screen.

We issued a press release announcing our site’s upgrades and included a snippet below:

“BondExchange takes its best in class surety bond technology to the next level. Generating surety leads for its agent partners and allowing them to quote bonds from their own websites. In 2016, BondExchange launched…” (Continue Reading)

BondExchange was founded in 1977 to make obtaining surety bonds easy for insurance agents. In the 44 years since our inception, we’ve continually strived to revolutionize the industry and make surety a more profitable product line for agents. In 2016 we launched to provide agents with best-in-class technology to quote, issue, and administer surety bonds for their customers. Ever since, we have continuously updated and enhanced the features and capabilities of our system, ultimately culminating in the latest release.